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Actor, Dancer And Singer-Songwriter.

Patrick Wayne Swayze (ˈsweɪziː; August 18, 1952 – September 14, 2009) was an American actor, dancer, and singer-songwriter. Having gained fame with appearances in films during the 1980s, Swayze became popular for playing tough guys and romantic lead males, gaining him a...Wikipedia

Age: 57 (age at death)
Born: 18th August, 1952, Houston, Texas, United States
Died: 14th September, 2009, Los Angeles California, United States
Height: 5' 10" (178 cm)
Nationality: American
Claim to Fame: Johnny Castle In Dirty Dancing (1987), Sam Wheat In Ghost (1990), Dance Class Instructor In Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004).

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In high school, excelled at football and gymnastics and won an athletic scholarship to college.



Good-looking people turn me off. Myself included.


I have a great deal of faith in faith; if you believe something strongly enough, it becomes true for you. I would like to believe that my father is right here with me in this room and that he`s my guardian angel, that there`s life after death -- because if there isn`t, why are we here? I don`t believe that just flesh and bones can contain from the point of view of physics this very real recorded energy inside of us. Whether it`s true or not, we need to believe it.


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Patrick SwayzePatrick Swayze
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Miss Moon - He may be dead, but he is still cute! (1 year ago)
Miss Earth - He sure was cute, Map A.M., in films! (1 year ago)
Miss Venus - Did your photo change, man? If it did, I cant favor one to another as I love them all. (1 year ago)
Miss Mercury - What a crazy man to play a victim in "Keeping Mum"! (1 year ago)
Map A.M. - I see that you were frequenlty cute in films! (2 years ago)
Patricia Motto - In the movie "Dirty Dancing", how old was Patrick Swayze's chacter Johnny Castle? R.I.P. Patrick I miss you. (3 years ago)
Silly Goose - "Dirty Dancing" anyone? What about "Ghost" or "Roadhouse"? Or something? Has anybosy seen those movies? (3 years ago)
swayzeaddict - HIS WIFE IS STILL ALIVE. RIP, Swayze. (3 years ago)
Mouse - So sad. He had pancreatic cancer. One of his distant cousins, like his wife, brothers, and mother, is still alive. (3 years ago)
Ambee - If there is a movie about him, I am SO watching that, and I know he is dead. R. I. P. Swayze. (3 years ago)

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