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DominicReyes - Kagney you are such a sweet girl and i love your magazine shoot high society!keep up the good work because i admire a girl like you that is so beautiful just like jenna presley,by the way you 2 look like sisters=)lol,your pretty too because me and you are born on the same year!1987 rules,yeah baby (4 years ago)
thepornman - I agree, George. How does a supposed faithful christian devotee even know who the hell Kagney Lynn Karter is? I swear, these psycho Jesus freaks are the biggest hypocrites! (5 years ago)
George - Lol I love psycho Christians. Why are you even on a porn site Jesus freak? (5 years ago)
Susan Oliver - Dear K-Lynn. You are a beautiful young woman, but you are on the path to destruction. The porn industry has destroyed many young girls. Please remember one thing, God`s mercy is infinite. His capacity to forgive is far greater than our capacity to sin. If you ever really need help, pray to Him. Your friend Susan. (5 years ago)

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