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Photographer, activist

Mary Anna McCartney (born 28 August 1969, previously McCartney-Donald) is a photographer from England. She is the first biological child of Paul McCartney of the Beatles and the second of photographer Linda Eastman McCartney. Wikipedia

Age: 45
Born: 28th August, 1969, London, England
Height: Height Unknown
Nationality: English
Claim to Fame: Paul McCartney's daughter

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Simon Aboud

Mary McCartney is married to Simon Aboud.

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Mary McCartneyMary McCartney
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jack - There`s a BBC interview with your Father and Mother , during the 1970`s about an upcoming tour Wings tour, and all you kids are in the background screaming and yelling; driving your Father crazy. Find it! It`s funny when he blows his top at you guys when you were kids. (5 years ago)
roger sylvester - Well Mary, Gee Stella Looks realy good lately.Meself? I can be found around glee of insanity (That`s really low mind you) can you fix me up with Maggie and P J a double date? Fantatic photo`s Roger (5 years ago)
roger sylvester - Well Mary, sometimes peole inspire a song or too.Of course you can`t just come out with whom you had in mind when you wrote it. So any way hope ya like it love. Rog. (5 years ago)
roger sylvester - Mary! run this by Stella. My song New York City Catwalk is to Nashville for my tools power and rain C D. None the less perhaps stella could design the HONEY BEE mini skirt. Roger (5 years ago)
Peris Tass - Mary, across the continent in the northern Greek metropolitan city Thessaloniki, capital of european culture of year 1997, aGreek-American living in Greece, I find your work super and would like that southern Europe gets to know it better. How could I interview you when I`m next in London? best regards, Mr. Peris Tass (5 years ago)
roger sylvester - Mary love.It is fitting and highly appropriate you look after your father as he grows older.This you just do. I have a ministry i would like to discuss with you.Roger (5 years ago)
roger sylvester - Mary, no doubt your dad will appreciate my sense of humour(And i don`t mean my right shin) I didn`;t even know what you looked like so i thought i would check you out looking at your photo`s. My Favorite picture is your father in a white shirt, Stella to his write and you to his left. Beautiful. I would hang that picture in my recording studio if i could get a copy of it. Roger (5 years ago)
little_queenies - I`ve included him in a group called "Beatles Children", please check it! Thanks! :) (6 years ago)

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