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Tina Marie Majorino (meɪdʒɵˈriːnoʊ; born February 7, 1985) is an American film and television actress. She started her career as a child actor, starring in films such as Andre; When a Man Loves a Woman; Corrina, Corrina; and Waterworld. Wikipedia

Age: 30
Born: 7th February, 1985, Westlake, California, USA
Height: 5' 5" (165 cm)
Nationality: American
Claim to Fame: Deb on Napoleon Dynamite, Mac on Veronica Mars.

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Legends (2014)

Follows a deep-cover operative named Martin Odum, who has an uncanny ability to transform himself into a different person for each job...

Veronica Mars
You Me & Her
Should've Been Romeo
Napoleon Dynamite

Celebrity Judge for UCLA Spring Sing 2005


Once in a band - The AM Project


I hope that they see this film as sweet and endearing, and I hope that they take away that being yourself is the most important thing, not trying to be something that you`re not. Whether that means that you`re a popular kid or a geek like the kids in the movie, being true to yourself is worth more than any money you can ever have. - When asked what she hoped audiences would take away from watching Napoleon Dynamite. (From Venice Magazine June 2004)


If I based all of my decisions on what everyone else had to say, I wouldn`t be where I am now. You`d drive yourself crazy trying to please everyone else. In this business people always have something to say about what you`re doing. Sometimes it`s positive, sometimes it`s negative. In the end, you just can`t give a shit. You`ve gotta go with your gut and do what`s right for you, ya know?


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Tina MajorinoTina Majorino
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Jordan Hampington - Napoleon Dynomite rocks (5 years ago)
m@d dog - hey t is it true ur datin kg if so fine but if not good becuz i personally dont like u 2 2gether but i think that hes datin a girl named jade and anyway didnt u guys date on veronica mars mayb thats were rumors startedbut no offense ur a great actor pft!!!!!!!! lolz (5 years ago)
andydavid hall - i love her (5 years ago)
samuel chiverton - marry me (5 years ago)
Evelyn Impellizeri - Hi Tina, we have been trying to contact your parents and have not been successful. I am sure if you tell them that Lou and Evelyn want them to call us, they will. We are in Tucson now and they can get our number through Joey........ (5 years ago)
Jason Lindblom - You are great in Napolean. Have watched in numerous times. Its fantastic. Love your other work too. (5 years ago)
cynthsam20 - Loved you in Veronica Mars! :D (5 years ago)
cheryl - I totally loved Andre and have just watched Corina Corina, i hope you get to read this because you played that part amazing, you were such a cute kid, i felt i just had to let you know how much we enjoyed it, my little girl Gemma loved it also. (5 years ago)
joseph r ybarra - hey honey..ur b-day is comming up..ill be at ur birthday party..yay!!!love u..thanks 4 being such a great friend,,love u..joey..smoochies (6 years ago)
João Ricardo - I love her. I`d love to meet her. This is not a crase declaration. I truly love this woman. (6 years ago)

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