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Singer-songwriter, lyricist, composer, musician, fashion model, and actress,

Nico (born Christa Päffgen; 16 October 1938 – 18 July 1988) was a German singer-songwriter, lyricist, composer, musician, fashion model, and actress who became famous as a Warhol Superstar in the 1960s. She is known for her vocals on the Velvet Underground's debut album, The...Wikipedia

Age: 49 (age at death)
Born: 16th October, 1938, Cologne, Germany
Died: 18th July, 1988, Ibiza, Spain
Height: 5' 10" (178 cm)
Nationality: German
Claim to Fame: Singer, model, actress, Andy Warhol superstar, cameo in "La Dolce Vita"

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Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura (1905)

Camera Obscura is an experimental avant-garde music album recorded and released by Nico in 1985. It was produced by John Cale, marking their first studio collaboration since The End in 1974. It was Nico's final studio album before her death three years later.

Chelsea Girl
Drama Of Exile
The End...


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Lavender_tea - Never ever dated Brian Jones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's complete rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (7 months ago)
esterrrino - I didn't know that she dated also Brian Jones (3 years ago)
isabelle - do you have pictures of her with Jim Morrison! (4 years ago)
Kathy - Such a stunning woman,with such a unique,distinctive voice -with a grace in front of a camera that I havent seen since.Wish we could clone her,the world needs more of her talent,shes one of my idols. (5 years ago)
howard - one of the greatest singer. can you add more pictures of her model days. (5 years ago)
little_queenies - Hi Calyx, I`ve done many research and I didn`t find anything about Nico and David Bowie. Thanks. (5 years ago)
Calyx - My friend says that Nico dated David Bowie at one point. Is that true? If so, why isn`t he mentioned here? (5 years ago)
little_queenies - I`ve created a group called "Wifes, girlfriends and groupies of rock" and I`ve included her! Check it please :) (6 years ago)

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