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Age: 26
Born: 26th April, 1988, Franklin, Tenesse
Height: Height Unknown
Nationality: American
Claim to Fame: Girlfriend of Josh Farro

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Josh Farro

Jenna is married to Josh Farro.

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Jenna RiceJenna
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IzdiharVengeance - Too young fer this marriage tho..juz w8 n c how long it will lasts.. (4 years ago)
burythecastle - Calm down people. If you were really a fan of Paramore/Josh (4 years ago)
lunachica - Josh and Hayley broke up because they felt that people would be focusing more so on their relationship then focusing on their music. I`m happy for the both of them though because they both are happy in their current relationships and josh got married 2 days ago which is kinda sad but happy at the same time :) That`s what I heard. (4 years ago)
Koralia - ok, first of all jena is the luckiest woman in the hole univervse(Josh is soooooo hot)... they do look great together, but what i worry about is that they were together for very little time.. how did they manage to know each other well enough to get married?..... i believe there are some things they don`t know about each other.. what makes me sadder is that these kind of stuff leads to divorses... and that would be awful.... josh is jung, i don`t know jena`s age.. anyway my point is that they should be dating for longer and then get married.. i mean come on, he was dating hayley for 3 yrs and they broke up and suddenly after a 10 month relationship he`s gatting married?? isn`t that strange???? (4 years ago)
Hayley_Farro!!!! - didnt c this comming i think they look great together and i am so happy for josh, kinda wondering how hayley REALLY feels about the whole sitiation though,so i still think josh and hayley look better but his happiness counts so as a huge huge huge huge huge huge,etc. fan i have to respect that and ya so im excited for them!!!! (4 years ago)
paulipaulipauli - OMG I cant belive this ): (4 years ago)
uwontknowmyname - Look ppls, ur too quick to judge Jenna. The question is, whether she`s Christian or not. If she is, then they belong together, altho, Josh duz look cuter with Hayley...but I`m not one to judge and i think jenna is blessed to have a guy like josh...(so hott). i hope he duznt quit the band tho, i will be upset as...=(. why did josh break up with hayley anyway? duz anyone know? (4 years ago)
jess - the only part of their lives where we fit in, is with their music. you have no right to say who they should go out with, so stfu. (4 years ago)
hwood - We have absolutely no right to judge them. I think by looking at those photos that they look really happy together and you can tell that they love each other very much! (5 years ago)
jennahaterjoshleyforever - URGH YOU LITTLE FANG. josh didn`t go to the philippines cause of you! JOSHLEY FOREVER! HAYLEY JOSH!!!!!!! (5 years ago)

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