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Activist, Radio Host, Lawyer

Robert Francis Kennedy, Jr., (born January 17, 1954) is an American radio host, activist, and attorney specializing in environmental law. He is a son of Robert Francis "Bobby" Kennedy, Sr., the former United States Senator for New York and the 64th U.S. Attorney General, and the...Wikipedia

Age: 61
Born: 17th January, 1954, Washington, D.C., USA
Height: Height Unknown
Nationality: American
Claim to Fame: Son of Robert F. Kennedy

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Cheryl Hines

Robert Kennedy Jr. is married to Cheryl Hines.

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Robert Kennedy, Jr.Robert Kennedy Jr.
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Cindy - I tried to find out with whom Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is currently dating and ended up here? Please explain. (2 years ago)
SHANNAH SCHILIT - How Dare Ya Diagnose VIETNAM--under Agent-Orange-Bomb--Thats Like Settin' The Rapist Free--then Slappin' The Victim--with PTSD--Corp Evading Accountability--To go on another Poisoning Spree--Then BOX The Victims Down under Chem-Sea--
Rachel X (2 years ago)
Shannah Schilit - Look at all these Mannimals--so Fallen from the Animals--the Disease is your Society--full of Corp-Greed Piety
You Must Diagnose all of Polar-Bear Town--and all The Bats swingin' UpsideDown--you must Tip KingDavys Crown--and knock Helen Keller Down--Fit Shakespeare in a Box--and Einstein under Locks--4 Your UP Arrow Stocks TAPE the Mouth of Socrates 4 a Board of Dogma Fleas NO More Herstory 4 Native Jeans of Arcs--Communicating with Eves Larks
Rachel X (2 years ago)
SHANNAH SCHILIT - ENOUGH of This 'Junior-Complex' on ROBERT II...still psychologically frozen at the Age his Father was Stolen from US--does The 3rd Pillar--not have a Voice?--or is Robert II perpetually 'Junior' 4ever--Adolescent-Mid-Life-Narcissistic-Crisis-2010-Ski-Whim--GOT the Ghost sliming up the Tree--Thank You Very Much--Robert Kennedy II--could you have possibly chosen a More DESTRUCTIVE Bedroom-Alliance--and still?--he has NO sense of Wrong-Doing--the Nun must have pat his back while all the other kids--take the ruler-slap--4 his pranks--
Rachel X (2 years ago)
SHANNAH SCHILIT - (Crystal-Globe)::WHAT Kennedys are IN Hollywood--CHECK on KICK....the Same Force of Envy--that operated through Cheryl Hines and Alliances--to DESTROY MARY--has dressed like a Wolf in LambSkin as the 'Mentor' of KICK::::Nooooo!--NOT a Round II against another Kennedy-Mother--all we have Left in Memory of EMILY are Kick and Bobby III...their Voices **MUST** bee Preserved--oh Ghost of JezzieBella with The Prophets Head on a Corp-Platter--OH Ghost of DallieLieLah with The Warrior turned Mule around a Corp-Wheel--BOW--would you sit and watch Kathleen Kennedy bee REDUCED to another Puppet in Cheryls Box--WHO is The Kennedy that is with some 'Lucas' 'Film' THAT is Kicks Rightful 'Mother-Mentor'--does KICK even have a Thought in Her Mind that was not Inserted by Cheryl--does Kick even have a FRIEND in Hollywood--that was not Planted there by Cheryl--ENVY over 'SuperStar' status--comes against Kick--the same Ghost that came against MARY--the same that tipped Roberts Crown
Rachel X (2 years ago)
SHANNAH SCHILIT - What?--NO Photo of EMILY--another 'Invisible'....that's Ok--it doesn't make Her any Less ALIVE--she lives 4ever through Bobby Kennedy III and Kick Kennedy....eye have had a change in Mind--about what Once appeared 2 B PRESIDENTIAL--clearly He knows not the Difference between 'Hotel' and 'Residential'.....His uncle JFK would bee disgusted--upon The Honor of JFK Never would any Fling--NOT even Hollywoods Finest Marilyn--could have ever even Compared 2 The Light of a JACKIE or a MARY never would JFK have desecrated his Home--4 a Whim and even IF a divorce had occurred--NEVER would JFK have done 2 his Jackie--what was done 2 MARY--and still?--Robert Kennedy has ZERO sense of Accountability--and not a Grain of Remorse NOT even an Apology--
Rachel X (2 years ago)
SHANNAH SCHILIT - a) RFK is described in one of his BIOS 2 have some kind of "indefatigable drive" unless you're a PlayMate NO Wife has Energizer-Batteries that are "indefatigable" so My Empathy with EMILY
b) And considered some kind of "master falconer" we know what a MASTER is but what's a sad falcon?
c) And written up as some kind of "fisherman" well from the perspective of GOLDIE that is just Brutal hook and bait and FRY or Worse--thrown back IN Waters Bloody-Mouth-- (2 years ago)
SHANNAH SCHILIT - Twas Written YEARS AGO by a HollyWoody Political
Celebrity Guru-Prophet::KIM CLEMENT that RFK supposedly spends 2 MUCH Time on something Called a "Yacht" when he should bee on his TRACK--2 the WhiteHouse?!--May The PEOPLE Decide!--Eye Wash my Hands of this SAVIOR 2 Earth--or SO that's The Rumor--in NazRus LazRus Pizazz US All RISE 2 Yo Call
May every Vile Lyndon Fall
As the JFK Aura rises Tall
Rachel X (2 years ago)
SHANNAH SCHILIT - RFK 4 PRESIDENT In The Name of EARTH and GODDESS Save The FIRST-LADY--where in EDEN is Emily?--THAT is The Question!--Ahaaa--so Her Ghost just Appeared 2 Me--and made me SWEAR 2 Keep Her BLACK-SECRET--it is just a "Mermaid" BOND Mermaids are DOOMED without Pure Waters--A Mermaids Waters R Her OXYGEN Love your President--just DON'T Go 2 Political-Bed with HIM--unless of course He is SHARKozy--in The Name of FRENCH-LACE Mary MARY quite in Jeopardy!--eye will buy The VOWEL 'O' 4 ObahhhmAhhh--oh that's WHEEL of Fortune--NOT JepRoadEeeee (2 years ago)
Lori - One of his former mistresses homes was recently burglarized and the robbers stole proof of her affair with rfk jr., they are now trying to sell it to the tabloids. I kinda feel sorry for the lady if this story gets published, she'll get victimized twice. She kept her silence for years and would never betray Bobby but the creeps who robbed her house just want maximum $$$. TAbloids will publish this crap and ruin her life as well as hurt the Kennedy family. People are so greedy! (3 years ago)

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