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meme m.k - i love sinan tuzcu because he is wonderful so pretty and cute . i hop to you good luck in your life (3 years ago)
lyla - sinan tuzcu is amazing and i love him so much (5 years ago)
omer tuzcu - serkt tmf sefa fekeu amdfu roed fliewla dkrf chem na tayo nit ib buch mashdu dkfiro dilu aci (6 years ago)
eslam - i love you so much are aprofessinal and beautiful actor your role in the serial of ihlamurlar altinda was very fantastic (6 years ago)
Masood - what`s sinan tuzcu`s eye color? (6 years ago)
omer tuzcu - how r u my cousin try to c ur popler and ans them i will call u today ok omer tuzcu (6 years ago)
äÏì ÚãÑ - ÈÍÈß (6 years ago)
NADA_OMAR - love you sinan (6 years ago)
huda - i love you sinan (6 years ago)
huDa - Ilove you Sinan Tuzcu please number mobil (6 years ago)

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