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luisa - you are my inspiration, make it fun to go to my brother thanks you're the best (1 year ago)
Vincent Butler - You are my greatest inspiration. I will be there soon. I'm aspiring to be just as beautiful as you. I'm originally from Pompano Beach. I have family in Miami too. Well keep up the good work. The day we meet on set shooting a film I'm going to remind you how much I admire you. (3 years ago)
Ja`diyahLester - hey do you like jon beavers you no you should date him give him a chance ok (4 years ago)
ana - she is beautiful and got talent,i love her voice.she looks 16 (4 years ago)
joshua - she is beautiful she is like a sister (4 years ago)
CVXB - PERRO! (5 years ago)
Kiera - how did jake go out with her!!!!! she is 28, and he`s 15! I know jake, and he wouldn`t go out with someone as old as her!! (5 years ago)
carlos - is a dog perra (5 years ago)
lovelychild - I wikipedia her she`s 13 (5 years ago)
riacent - ,hey! I`m da first pers0n hu c0ment here, y u d0n hve any pics huh? Write me s0on, (5 years ago)

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