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Singer, Songwriter, Composer

Tarja Soile Susanna Cabuli (née Turunen; born August 17, 1977), generally known as Tarja Turunen or simply Tarja, is a Finnish singer-songwriter. She is a light lyric soprano and has a vocal range of three octaves. Wikipedia

Age: 37
Born: 17th August, 1977, Kitee, Finland
Height: 5' 5" (165 cm)
Nationality: Finnish
Claim to Fame: original member and former female vocalist of Finnish metal band Nightwish

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Marcelo Cabuli

Tarja Turunen is married to Marcelo Cabuli.

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Colours in the Dark

Colours in the Dark (2013)

Colours in the Dark is the fourth studio album released by Finnish vocalist Tarja Turunen. The record was released on 30 August 2013, in Austria, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland; 2 September in Norway, Poland, and the Czech Republic; 3 September in the United States and Canada; and 4 September in Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the UK. Mixing was done by Tim Palmer in Austin, Texas in the United States. Tarja will start the Colours in the Dark World Tour on 17 October 2013, to promote the album. The name of the album, as the cover image, came as a metaphor from the idea that life has a large range of colors and the dark absorbs all of them, containing every color.


I feel very comfortable with Once because I have tried to change my singing style with Nightwish already since Century Child because Tuomas requested that, the songs requested that ... It has been hard work and I didn’t manage to do that on Century Child, I was not very happy with it. On Once it’s all very natural, how I’m singing and what I’m singing. But as I said, it has been really hard work because I’ve been a classical singer for the last ten years so it was hard to start over again and think of different styles. Of course I’m always singing with my classical techniques, I never sing with my poor speaking voice – I cannot do that anymore. —Tarja Turunen, Metal Temple interview, October 2004


Now that I can use the whole range of my voice, it feels very nice. I have never sung so low as I did on one of the songs on the new record and there's a song on which I sang my highest notes ever! I really have used a huge range on this album – around three octaves – because the moods are changing in every song and this reflects that. —Tarja Turunen, Kerrang! interview, September 2007

White Snow

White Snow (2010)

A high-end car dealership owner is forced to deal with the Finnish mafia over unsatisfactory cars his dead partner sold them.


Her favorite author is Mika Waltari.


Her first independent album, My Winter Storm, was released on November 2007, and achieved gold status in Finland on the day of release.


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Tarja TurunenTarja Turunen
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Ria - Tarja is Lutheran. Her religion is Lutheran. (1 year ago)
PrincessSissi - Tarja is the best singer in the world (2 years ago)
m_elizabeth - One of the best singers in the whole world! (3 years ago)
persian - ur the best female singer even for me. it doesnt matter u leave nightwish honey ur voice is so special and iloveu (4 years ago)
cyriana - Tarja you are a special person!! Keep up the awesome music that I love so Much. You are talented as well as you are BEAUTIFUL!!! (5 years ago)
Tarja Turunen - Tarja Turunen: you can release or last album with new tracks: you can do it every year: Tracks: 1/4/5/9/16:18: Lisa Lavie: Free Your Mind: quality of the rhythm of the rhythm is importent to sale: design, colors: too: video: design, colors: too: The Uninvited: The Unborn: The Strangers: The Painted Veil: Benjamin Button: Wicked Little Things: Push: Illuminati: Friday The 13th: Darkness Falls: The Nun: The Return: Darkness: she is working hard too: A-y-l-i-nL-i-v-a-n-e-l-i: Rain: We Belong: Together: A-n-g-e-l-i-k-iC-o-r-d-a-l-i-s: Kiki: the productions must be clean to survive: girl you know it´s true ! (5 years ago)
magenta1000 - one of those pictures is annette. someone needs to chnge that... (6 years ago)
You - ohh fuk off me get glasses. She is TARJA. (6 years ago)
iako - its Tarja .. annete is another nightwish`s vocalist (6 years ago)
Me - you ass holes, that`s not tarja! she`s anette (6 years ago)

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