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Tyrone Edmund Power, Jr., (May 5, 1914 – November 15, 1958) was an American film and stage actor. From 1930s to the 1950s Power appeared in dozens of films, often in swashbuckler roles or romantic leads. His better-known films include The Mark of Zorro, Blood and Sand, The...Wikipedia

Age: 44 (age at death)
Born: 5th May, 1914, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Died: 15th November, 1958, Madrid, Spain
Height: 5' 11½" (182 cm)
Nationality: American
Claim to Fame: Marie Antionette (1938).

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The novel "Quicksilver" by Fitzroy Davis chronicles, in fictional form, a tour of "Romeo & Juliet" with Katharine Cornell that Power was with in the 1930s before going to Hollywood. Others in the cast included at various times Orson Welles, Brian Aherne and Basil Rathbone. All the names have been changed but many of the stories in the book did actually happen. When Brian Aherne joined the cast, Orson Welles was demoted, taking over Power's role, and Power moved into a smaller one. This is included in the book. It was a best-seller, written in 1942 after many of the actors had Hollywood success, and the story goes that Cornell tried to buy up all of the copies. Given that Davis knew these actors' fates by the time he wrote the book, it's easier to figure out who was who, though it appears the author did mix various traits among the characters in order to make the actors less recognizable.


Was the adopted father of his ex-wife's, Annabella daughter, Ann Power.


The general stance. Often when a girl turns around you think `Oh, Oh, not so pretty!` But she`s still attractive if her figure`s good. I remember a photograph of 10 girls....only one stood well, and right away you looked at her.


The secret of charm is bullshit.

Solomon and Sheba

Solomon and Sheba (1959)

Behold! The love story of the ages!

Shortly before his death in ancient Israel King David has a vision from God telling him that his younger son Solomon should succeed him as king...

Abandon Ship
The Sun Also Rises
Witness for the Prosecution
The Eddy Duchin Story


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aizamas - Maestro de maestros de actores, qué elegancia de films hacía. (1 year ago)
Violet_Electric - I love the post by Teach! But I find his face kinda creepy? Anyways, he was a terriiifffiiicc actor- I adore him as Zorro! (3 years ago)
Teach - Handsome yes - but with an overactive libido. He reminds me of Wilde`s Picture of Dorian Gray: Handsome one the outside - but you know the rest. Teach (4 years ago)
di7234241109 - one of the handsomest men ever (4 years ago)
di7234241109 - most beautiful man (4 years ago)
laura tilson - It was Kirtley Baskette, NOT Kitty Baskette, who wrote that article on Tyrone Power! Check your references please. (4 years ago)
silverscreenjim - My all time greatest movie idol..amazing acting talent that was never really allowed to prove itself due to death in his 40s..but check out nightmare alley or the razors edge..fantastic. (5 years ago)
iltepjr - Not sure how it`s possible for a person to grieve for someone who`s been dead for 50 years but I do. I grieve for his wife and their son. He could have been the greatest had he lived. He was yet an untapped source. (6 years ago)
demona1987 - Best actor that ever lived!! (6 years ago)
louise - He was a very gorgeous man, and i loved his acting and the way he always gets the girls in the end of films. What a romancer. (6 years ago)

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