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Singer, Model

Age: 33
Born: 10th November, 1981, Miami, Florida, USA
Height: 5' 6" (168 cm)
Nationality: American
Claim to Fame: American Idol

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Alexandra BachelierAlexandra Bachelier
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Simsie - maybe nick has another fb account and she`s on it? guess we`ll never know. don`t really care either. lol (5 years ago)
Samantha79 - defensive much? (5 years ago)
LisaCereyon - to samanta: stop saying crap!!! you dont know Alex and you CANT say anything about her okay? (5 years ago)
Samantha79 - i know he hasn`t simsie and i didn`t claim to be the only one who has it. I`m just saying Justme is not right in stating Alexandria is in his friendslist. (5 years ago)
Simsie - Samantha79 - nick hasn`t checked the facebook you mean in ages. and for your information EVERYONE had his email address lol (5 years ago)
firstfan1985 - and how would you know his email address Samantha? (5 years ago)
Samantha79 - Just me: that`s not true. The only `ex` that the real Nick has on his privat fb is Tanya Jane. This Alexandra chick is not in his list. You might be looking at the wrong profile. The real one comes up if you search fb for his email adress. This Alexandra chick seems to be only looking for attention, i would not be surprised if she added herself on here, looking at all the info in her biography here. (5 years ago)
just me - On his real fb account nick cuz nick does a real fb account follow her and is the only exgirlfriend that he follow! (5 years ago)
Julia - Are you kidding me Lisa? This girl is using Nick`s fans to get attention. She is a singer and just has 70 followers on Twitter? She doesn`t even know his bday and if she has contact to him she could call him. Instead she`s writing on Twitter that she wants to be his gf and loves him. And did you see the 3 pics of Nick and her? How does Nick look? Like he`s drunk and on drugs. (5 years ago)
LisaCereyon - ALexandra is an amazing person. (5 years ago)

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