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Princess of Monaco (Former South African Competitive Swimmer)

Charlene, Princess of Monaco (French: Charlène; born Charlene Lynette Wittstock on 25 January 1978), is a South African former Olympic swimmer, and since 2011 the wife of Albert II, Prince of Monaco. Wikipedia

Age: 37
Born: 25th January, 1978, Bulawayo (Rhodésie, Zimbabwe) Africa
Height: 5' 10" (178 cm)
Nationality: South African
Claim to Fame: Married to Prince Albert of Monaco

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Prince Albert of Monaco

Princess Charlene of Monaco is married to Prince Albert of Monaco.

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Charlene WittstockPrincess Charlene of Monaco
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Benmom - Ramona, could you please tell me which High School Charlene attended ? (3 years ago)
kitty1119 - Her wedding dress was beautiful. She looks like a real Princess. (3 years ago)
miss carol dijkhuyzen - The late iconic Princess Grace would have been delighted..Lucky price you are. (5 years ago)
Stephane - Getting paid to be a beard is a profitable business for wanabees who desperately want 15 minutes of fame. Sad that some women will do anything for money. (5 years ago)
Royal Watcher Inc. - I have serious doubts that this is even a real relationship. Most photos of Charlene Wittstock and Prince Albert look staged. I think she`s just a beard paid to look like a girlfriend while he`s out with tons of other women. Their first date was back in 2001. Reality check, if a man dates you for 8 years and you don`t have a ring, odds are he`s not in love with you. Plus, in the last two years, Prince Albert has announced to the Press at least 8 times, that he has no intentions on getting married. Time to move on Charlene while you are still young. JMO (5 years ago)
Ramona - Charlene and I were in primary school and high school together, she is a stunning lady with a golden heart, and very smart. And anyone having a go at her in my opinion is just jealous. You should not comment on things you know nothing about... (5 years ago)
GabrielaH - Chantelle, it seems to me that all women who have dated Prince of Monaco so fare are wonderful.I don`t know why you consider her as a "real role model". It is sure that she is a nice person but she looks very superficial. she spends years in Monaco without doing any normal things? Does she swim now? Does she have a job? or she is eating the money of her royal crush? (6 years ago)
Timea - maybe you have right, GabrielaH. I believe Charlene stays in Monaco till the time Prince Albert wants. She should find a nice South African guy who will make her happy. In my opinion Charlene is a kind woman with good nature.She is good looking. However she isn`t a beauty. I can say PA`s mother, Grace Kelly was an intelligent and a beautiful woman. I love her movies! (6 years ago)
Chantelle - Charlene is a wonderful person. She is beautiful and intelligent. She was at the same swimming club as my son and has a real natural way with people especially children. A real role model, I wish her love and happiness. She deserve it. (6 years ago)
Emese - Hi! I have seen her by albert`s side for almost three years. I know nothing about her. Ihave read I that she is a former swimmer from South Africa. She looks a pretty, but a very stupid girl. I can`t understand why she wastes her time. Albert is a very intelligent man, but he remains a bachelor. I think he won`t marry . (6 years ago)

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