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Colin Morgan (born 1 January 1986) is a Northern Irish film, television and theatre actor best known for playing the title character in the BBC TV series Merlin. He made his West End theatre acting debut in 2007 as Vernon Little in DBC Pierre's Vernon God Little, followed by his...Wikipedia

Age: 29
Born: 1st January, 1986, Knockamel Park, Armagh, Northern Ireland
Height: 5' 11" (180 cm)
Nationality: Irish
Claim to Fame: Merlin on BBC Merlin

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Katie McGrath

Colin Morgan is currently dating Katie McGrath.

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Colin`s likeness appears in the Doctor Who `Battles In Time` trading card game: Jethro Cane, his character from the episode Midnight is featured on card 836 of the deck (and card 11 of the Devastator deck).


Colin is represented by United Agents Limited

Testament of Youth

Testament of Youth (2014)

A British woman recalls coming of age during World War I.

The Fall

I was using my own accent for all the auditions and at the last stage they were like, `Well, we want to try you with an English accent`. And I think it was a good decision in the end, because I think it`s quite a bold decision already to do a show about a young Merlin, and a young Arthur, so making Merlin from Northern Ireland as well was probably pushing the boat out a bit far. - Belfast Telegraph, September 26 2009.


My dad always says be nice to the people on the way up because you`ll need them on the way down.


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Colin MorganColin Morgan
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Golgi - The Tamla/Colin obsession is, literally, insane. How do people get to be so psychologically obsessed with something like that?! You're reading a celebrity's twitter -for goodness sake -and thinking you've cracked some secret code. It's really weird and scary. (8 hours ago)
wotd - Drama does not just walk into your life. Either you create it, invite it, or associate with it. Lies and games are the practice of fools, that don't have enough brains to be honest. Honesty is a very expensive gift, do not expect it from cheap people. (3 weeks ago)
opinionsarefree - Nice of Tamla to post a picture from her trip to Platja del Port de Pollena, Spain...Which was 9 MONTHS AGO! yes we get the hint..You're pregnant. Everyone knows what you're doing. Get some help. (3 weeks ago)
anon - maybe she should change her name to Tamzin Morgan? than she doesn't have to nick twitter posts off her to hint she's going to be Mrs. Morgan? lol! (3 weeks ago)
opinionsarefree - You're so full of it. Colin isn't dating that chick Chrissie (I'm assuming your her) she/you are a complete nutter and have lost all sense of reality. Perhaps you all should be talking about Colin Morgan marrying Tamla Kari in France this week/end? Ask Eoin I'm sure you can pry it out with some booze. (3 weeks ago)
issy - Wishing you a Happy New Year too mb, I hope it will be a good one for you. Yes, there is a need to be discreet, and I understand, I do wish Colin and his girl a happy future as well (3 weeks ago)
mb - I wish you a Happy New Year. Issy: Colin knows that girl since one year ago roughly. According to my friend,both are thrilled and get along with each other. She is NOT actress, she has a social media profile and JUST promotes her job.I think she is a clever and discreet girl, and based on my friend,it seems that Colin is in love with her. I'm sorry,I shall not tell anything else. (3 weeks ago)
samasha pavani - HI my favourite actor, Colin Morgan ,When I saw your young,cute , handsome face in Merlin TV series you were 22 years old boy actor. Now the boy has grown up. This is not 2008.After 7 years this is the begining of 2015. colin you are 29 years old wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Happy new year! We love your fantastic actions,natural performances and your deep voice. we live far away from you and your country.But Colin Morgan you always live my sister and my heart. (3 weeks ago)
IA - That's your opinion. The truth always comes out. (4 weeks ago)
Sophia - Gotta say this is all speculation and hearsay you all talk the biggest load of rubbish (4 weeks ago)

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