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premandreous - hi sweety can we have date.... (1 year ago)
Babu - priya do you spend one night with me (1 year ago)
Priya Rai - Get ur facts straight before posting them.. That is NOT my bday!!! 12-25-77 is MY BDAY (2 years ago)
eskay rout - U r so hot.beautiful also and went global to enjoy itself. (2 years ago)
pop - hi priya u r so good may i have ur ph no pls (2 years ago)
tess - hi how are you i hope you will so good .i like you body you so hot emmmm yami so (3 years ago)
andrew - i see you in youjizz.. ghahaha (3 years ago)
[phillipmarlonmichael jason vartanellis - this look beautiful pictures ieverysee (3 years ago)
sami - soooooo hot (3 years ago)
san - Kuch alag ki ho india se jaa ke... and u should be thankful to ur dad and mom who inspired u. go ahead. (3 years ago)

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