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Anthony Stewart Head (born 20 February 1954) is an English actor and musician. He rose to fame in the UK following his role in the Gold Blend couple television advertisements for Nescafé Gold Blend, and is known for his roles as Rupert Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer , Uther...Wikipedia

Age: 60
Born: 20th February, 1954, Camden, London, England
Height: 6' 1" (185 cm)
Nationality: British
Claim to Fame: Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Uther Pendragon in Merlin.

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A huge fan of "Doctor Who" (1963), and auditioned for the role of the Eighth Doctor in the TV movie, Doctor Who (1996) (TV). He later appeared as a villain in "Doctor Who: School Reunion (#2.3)" (2006) and Doctor Who: The Infinite Quest (2007) (TV).


He is left-handed.


I think Giles likes Buffy, but she annoys him. The mere fact that she doesn`t want the job that he`s offering her -- she frustrates him. She represents everything he doesn`t understand. Ultimately he becomes extremely fond of her. People have said, What is it? A father/daughter relationship? And it`s not quite. There`s nothing like it on TV. It`s difficult to pigeonhole. He becomes extremely fond of her and gets into all sorts of terrible trouble because of it. ... Xander is complete anathema to him. A great annoyance because he never seems to take anything seriously. Cordelia is ... Who knows where she`s coming from? Willow he respects greatly, but it`s all a confusion to him. He`s never really sure of anybody or anything. The only thing he is sure about is what he`s supposed to do.


I sang with a band and all that stuff, but I did make a choice at one point to favor acting as a career just because that seemed to be the way to go.


Galavant (2015)

The New Sunday Knight

Prince Galavant's quest for revenge over the King who stole his one true love.

Flying Home
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters


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Elise - Anthony Head is a brilliant man of many talents...may he never be forgotten as one of the greatest men in the Whedonverse (and, in my opinion, the world). (5 years ago)

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