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  • courtney i love you 26 November 2010
  • tamera Hey, Steve. You are sooo cool. I hope you have a merry Christmas. Your first name reminds me of my ex-boyfriend, Steven Locke. 24 December 2009
  • kareenpoynter liked Steve Rushton
    23 December 2009
  • kareenpoynter Ohh i love hee, is soo HOT! 23 December 2009
  • punkerval1996 i love iwish that we can meat 17 December 2009
  • erika i love steve's music and i think he is so hot love his hair to 8 December 2009
  • Ricecake490 liked Steve Rushton
    6 December 2009
  • Ricecake490 aaah so miss son of dork!! y did they have 2 break up?? and y does he have 2 date miley cyrus!! 6 December 2009
  • kimberly i love steve rushtons music especcially emergency 28 November 2009
  • tiffany steven rushton is cool! 18 October 2009

Musician, songwriter, producer

Age: 27
Born: 30th October, 1987, Surrey, United Kingdom
Height: 5' 10½" (179 cm)
Nationality: British
Claim to Fame: Being Miley Cyrus`s boyfriend

Steven John Rushton (born 30 October 1987, Chertsey, Surrey, England) is a British solo artist, and formerly bassist for the pop punk band, Son of Dork. Steve also holds the 'World Records' for highest number of Cadburys chocolate buttons eaten inside a minute, 10 more than the...Wikipedia