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Musician, songwriter, producer

Steven John Rushton (born 30 October 1987, Chertsey, Surrey, England) is a British solo artist, and formerly bassist for the pop punk band, Son of Dork. Steve also holds the 'World Records' for highest number of Cadburys chocolate buttons eaten inside a minute, 10 more than the...Wikipedia

Age: 27
Born: 30th October, 1987, Surrey, United Kingdom
Height: 5' 10½" (179 cm)
Nationality: British
Claim to Fame: Being Miley Cyrus`s boyfriend

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"I didn`t pick up a guitar to leave it hanging on a wall gathering dust for two years".


Steve was introduced to the music world by his step father who used to get him up on stage from the young age of 7. Ever since then Rushton and his music have been inseparable.


Steve Rushton likes to interact with his fans via home videos, which he posts on and


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Steve RushtonSteve Rushton
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tamera - Hey, Steve. You are sooo cool. I hope you have a merry Christmas. Your first name reminds me of my ex-boyfriend, Steven Locke. (5 years ago)
kareenpoynter - Ohh i love hee, is soo HOT! (5 years ago)
Ricecake490 - aaah so miss son of dork!! y did they have 2 break up?? and y does he have 2 date miley cyrus!! (5 years ago)
kimberly - i love steve rushtons music especcially emergency (5 years ago)
juu - OMG i love yooooooou!!! (6 years ago)
Gabby - i love you so much!! (6 years ago)
MileyCyrus488 - I HAVE NO IDEA WHO U ARE BUT YOUR FREAKIN HOTT!! (6 years ago)
Luce - omg i love steve but im not gnna leave stupid comments goin omg steve marry me (6 years ago)
Tatum - He wont marry you.....your probably some 14 year old teeny who thinks he`ll love you but it not gonna happen. Sorry. (6 years ago)
Philippa - omigod, steve, i love you. marry me? (6 years ago)

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