Audrey Hamilton8,141Photo Credit: lovegun180

Age: 58
Born: 6th August, 1956, Dallas, Texas
Height: Height Unknown
Nationality: American
Claim to Fame: Groupie of Robert Plant on Led Zeppelin`s 1977 USA Tour

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Audrey HamiltonAudrey Hamilton
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melodiebell - I remember Audrey and her obsession with Robert. We were all at private party at Trax in NYC when Audrey made repeated attempts to be admitted. Robert continued to ignore her the entire evening. Don`t know how he actuallty felt about her, but on that night, she was a non issue to him, despiter her emotional ranting. (4 years ago)
Anita - How do u expect them to get more pics of her when she isn`t famous or a celeb?Robert said that Hot Dog was about the people of Dallas,not 1 person in particular. (4 years ago)
tori - More pictures of Audrey Hamilton. Where`s Jimmy Page? (4 years ago)
Pearl - I read that Jimmy used to have a crush on Roberts wife Maureen and was friends with her too.Robert and Maureen divorced in 1983-maybe Jimmy felt Audrey was in someway responsible for their eventual split and told her what he thought of her! (4 years ago)
Anita - How could he do that to his wife?Theres having an open relationship and then theres taking advantage.Had he no respect for her at all?How could she forgive him and STILL be friends with him? (5 years ago)
Cathy - I have nothing against groupies but she shouldnt have had a fling with Plant seeing as he was married with kids.Cheap and easy tramp. (5 years ago)
tom - didn`t she dated jimmy page too.they look pretty cozy together. (5 years ago)
zep_fan - She is beautiful! I too wonder if she and Robert are still friends? (6 years ago)
little_queenies - I was wondering... on 1977 Robert dated her, but that same year his son Karac tragically died while Robert was on tour. Maybe he was dating Audrey and then he left her because he flew to England to comfort Maureen for their son`s death? Thanks! (6 years ago)
In_Utero - She is one of the prettiest groupies I have seen. (6 years ago)

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