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  • jmullen of colorado Barker screwed up this exquisite beauty's life and it's too bad because she was the best model the Price is Right ever had. A totally delicious lady! 12 August 2014
  • Barry Solomon I love you always your teedybear in chicago 24 June 2014
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  • Jade I'd like to see what Dian looks like today. She sure was one smoking hot lady in her TPIR days! It's too bad that Bob Barker disrespected Dian. She was such a hot model on the show. I really missed seeing her when she left. I hope she's in good health and enjoying herself now. 2 April 2014
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  • Del C Sharron Dian was in a league of her own her waist was the most amazing body part i have ever seen considering her full body make the curves where alone from any other God built woman!!! 24 August 2013
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Actress, Model

Age: 70
Born: 30th November, 2015, Jacksonville, North Carolina, USA
Height: Height Unknown
Nationality: American
Claim to Fame: The Price is Right, Playboy, Miss USA

Dian Parkinson (born Dianna Lynn Batts on November 30, 1944 in Jacksonville, North Carolina) is a former American model and hostess on The Price Is Right. Wikipedia

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Dian Parkinson Topless Classic Beauty Knows the Price is Right on Playboy March Madness Deal

Dian Parkinson Topless Classic Beauty Knows the Price is Right on Playboy March Madness Deal

First, thanks to EgoReader 'Will' for reminding me just how wicked hot Price is Right hostess model Dian Parkinson was back in her heyday of...
egotastic - Mar 11, 2014

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