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Judi Bowker (born 6 April 1954) is an English television and cinema actress. Wikipedia

Age: 60
Born: 6th April, 1954, Shawford, Hampshire, England, UK
Height: Height Unknown
Nationality: English
Claim to Fame: Clash Of The Titans

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10 Arenas of Marwood

10 Arenas of Marwood (2011)

Don't get mad, don't get even; just make a film about it.

Marwood has become addicted to running a clinic that treats addiction. He decides to solve his problems with landlords, the taxman, and the authorities by making a film about them. But first, he must confront the nature of his own addiction.

Menace Unseen
Worlds Beyond

Christopher Reeve, (in his autobiography "Still Me") stated that he learned how to ride and fell in love with horses in the 1985 movie Anna Karenina with Judi Bowker, which eventually led to his tragic and life-changing accident falling from a horse in 1995.



Judi BowkerJudi Bowker
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frank selwood - she has the most gorgeous eyes (4 years ago)
Dave - Ever since I saw Judi in the made for TV movie In This House of Brede I have been a fan. You have a fan in me here in Canada as I am sure there are others. Keep up the great work. (4 years ago)
Richard - I remember Judi as Vicky in Black Beauty. I loved the theme tune to that series! (4 years ago)
sam - Judi was such away better andromeda than the remake andromeda I can`t believe they couldn`t do a better job finding someone that has Judi`s beauty and innocense. (4 years ago)
irsarge - sincerely Divine ! great Actresssssssss ! PHAT ! ! ! (5 years ago)
mckenzie2467 - Judi was fantastic as the innocent, beautiful young virgin Princess Andromeda. It is very easy to see why someone would want to face down a four-story Godzilla for her, who wouldn`t?! (5 years ago)
Art k - hi there judi,ive just watched brother son sister moon,amazing film,and think your the most prettiest woman ive ever seen.with love Art xxx (6 years ago)

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