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sheena - fukada another jdrama or movie with takeshi excited to see you doing a reunion project with him... (1 year ago)
myra - konnichiwa fukada san,I'm myra from you admire kaneshiro takeshi?..?you have chemistry together...I love your team up since kamisama mou sukoshi dake(precious time) was aired here in the Philippines last 2009... (1 year ago)
cj - hello!fukada san...all of us want you to have a reunion project with our Kaneshiro Takeshi,...maybe a movie or a drama...please forgive our request.... (1 year ago)
gi - when did kyoko fukada do another project with our handsome takeshi kaneshiro?!... (2 years ago)
bea - I'm begging to be much exciting na makita ko ulit si kyoko and kaneshiro... their chemistry on screen is extra ordinary...hope there is a chance..I'm still waiting... (2 years ago)
paz morados - hi!kyoko,how have you been?..i love your team up with kaneshiro.if there is a chance,hope you should do another project with him again...maybe a movie or drama. (2 years ago)
r_rayjr - WOW!!! Kyôko Fukada is so BEAUTIFUL!!! (3 years ago)
anj cinco - i really admire your face kyoko!!! (3 years ago)
shanzzz - hi fukada kyoko ... im shanz im ur superduper fan i like ur drama kamisama mou sukoshi dake to all japanese actresess ur my favorate actress ... :)) (3 years ago)
sawdodowa - i love u fukada.kwikwi (3 years ago)

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