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Rachel Clare Hurd-Wood (born 17 August 1990) is an English actress and model, best known for her roles as Wendy Darling in the 2003 film Peter Pan, Corrie McKenzie in 2010's Tomorrow, When the War Began, and Sibyl Vane in 2009's Dorian Gray. Wikipedia

Age: 24
Born: 17th August, 1990, Streatham, London, England, UK
Height: 5' 7" (170 cm)
Nationality: English
Claim to Fame: Wendy Darling in Peter Pan

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Hideaways (2011)

James Furlong, motherless, discovered an extraordinary gift to an accident causing the death of his father and his grandmother.

The Mapmaker
Tomorrow, When the War Began
Solomon Kane
Dorian Gray

It`s like a dream ... one minute I am walking across the playground to maths and next, I`m flying to Hollywood to meet the world`s press.


I`ve been a victim in every film I have done so far. It would be nice to play someone who doesn`t get killed for once. Then again, I am getting really good at screaming and fake tears...


She found out about the role of Wendy in Peter Pan (2003) after her grandparents saw an advert on television. They contacted Rachel`s mother and when she came home from school one day her mother started measuring her, when she found Rachel was in the height requirements, she said Rachel could audition.


She enjoys ice skating, art and listening to rap and hip-hop music.


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Rachel Hurd-WoodRachel Hurd-Wood
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katrina - I love the movie your in... Peter Pan. best movie EVER! you and jeremy should of been together forever! why didn't that happen?! (1 year ago)
Almira Coleen - I Wish You And Jeremy Sumpter Would Be In A Relationship ? Please ? I Dont Like Alyssa Tabit For Him . I Want Rachel Hurd- Wood & Jeremy Sumpter (1 year ago)
Isabelle - I wish jeremy sumpter married me he is so hot (1 year ago)
briana lim - do jeremy sumpter has a girlfriend if she has don't girlfriend pls.tell this
pls. tell her a fan of you would like to be you in a relationship thank you (1 year ago)
Volricm - I've known Rachel Hurd Wood since she was on Peter pan let me just say this she was great in that movie for a beginner back then an
her and Jeremy where the cutest thing back then they should so get back together. (1 year ago)
therese - i love her so much! she's the most beautiful girl i've ever seen! :) (2 years ago)
mary s. - Amber hood was my hero back then and its sad her and Jeremy sumpter never dated (2 years ago)
angel gillespie - I love when she kisses peter pan in the movie. (2 years ago)
raveanna 14 - I luv Rachel Hurd Wood she is my fav british celeb in the whole wide world her and jeremy sumpter would a cute couple luv u rachel (2 years ago)
katrina - your my favorite idol rachel hurd wood forever (3 years ago)

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