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Fashion/Runway Model

Magali Amadei (born November 30, 1974) is a French fashion model living in New York City. She was featured regularly during the '90s on the covers of Vogue, ELLE, and Marie Claire, as well as several other top magazines with global distribution. In addition, Amadei has appeared...Wikipedia

Age: 40
Born: 30th November, 1974, Nice, France
Height: 5' 10" (178 cm)
Nationality: French
Claim to Fame: Stunning resemblance to Sophia Loren

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Sleeper Cell

Sleeper Cell (2005)

Friends. Neighbors. Husbands. Terrorists.

House of D
What Boys Like

"When it comes to talking about body image and disordered eating, things often degenerate into a blame game that goes nowhere. I want everyone to understand that these are complex issues and finger pointing is not the solution. If we want to bring about real change, we`re all going to have work together."


" I have worked hard to make peace with my own body, and I am most proud when I think about the fact that my daughter is now absorbing that self-acceptance."


She was discovered at age 16 while studying ballet at The Opera House in Nice.



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Magali AmadeiMagali Amadei
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Barry E Magee - Simply said, this lady brings excitement and new meaning to the word "beautiful!" (1 year ago)
SORAS - She's fabulous!
Love her!
Compelling- approachable- fun - she's grand. (1 year ago)
Moni_M - Such an underrated super model.. What a pity.. (5 years ago)
esther - she did a cover of magazine with tommy lee. did they date or not. (5 years ago)
Meedo Creisat - how is the finger,i hope all is will,i can`t beleive it`s you,are you still making Art out of shopping Cart hahah ,do you still remember me from Kirkwood,drop me a note ,BEST Meedo (5 years ago)

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