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Shaun Morgan Welgemoed (born 21 December 1978), known publicly as Shaun Morgan, is a South African (Afrikaner) musician and singer for the post-grunge, alternative metal band Seether. Wikipedia

Age: 36
Born: 21st December, 1978, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Height: 6' 2" (188 cm)
Nationality: South African
Claim to Fame: Seether

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Shaun MorganShaun Morgan
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1 comment
snuffy - yes hes dumped her...ha, so, whos the new "lucky" lady now ? (9 months ago)
Toni - So has he finally dumped the hick?! I see they are not together for the holidays??? (1 year ago)
Liquid - Shaun isnt faithfull at all. If you all knew what he does to girls he meets after shows.. The sadest thing of all is that caitlyn accepts it. (1 year ago)
Dee - Hahaha! "Monica" your comments couldn't be any further from the truth. Stop being a keyboard warrior and get your head out of your ass. You knew them so "personally"?! You didn't spell Caitlin correctly... (2 years ago)
Monica - Caitlin Dixon and Shaun met in the strip club she was working a in Floridat.
She was a full blown coke addict, pill popper and alcoholic. Yes, young and not a caring person.
A groupie.
Shaun will cheat on her in due time. These are just facts and not opinions.
Shaun is a drug addict too!
Mostly an alcoholic now a days.
Ok, his music is average but, they are not good people.
It's as simple as that.
Luckily people don't truly know them personally as I did. (2 years ago)
Taylor - I think Shaun Morgan is really talented I love his voice and his songs are amazing I have probably all of his C.D.'s and I also think that Caitlyn, (even though I don't know her) is very lucky and if what I've read about Shaun being happy is true then I don't think any body has the right to talk trash about someone They are probably just jealous and who wouldn't be? Shaun is hot :) (2 years ago)
smilinbiggirl - You people who says bad things about Caitlyn should really and seriously think about getting a life. Shaun is the guy that saved my f*ing life. I say if you love the artist, you respect the man and don't give a shit about who he dates, as long as he's happy. To me that's all that matters. It's hard enough for "normal" people to find and keep someone in our life, I can't imagine for them how hard it must be... And if you think that badmouthing someone who obviously clearly does'nt give a damn about you make you important, well i'm glad i'm not you...telling lies and being disrespectuous makes you only a disrespectuous lying person, not somebody interesting. it does'nt make you a better person, and i would'nt exchange my life with yours... Shaun deserves to have love and respect in is life and if Caitlyn brings him that, well good for both of them.
Get a life! Just sayin' (2 years ago)
Erica - Caitlyn is a wonderful and caring person who doesn't deserve to have ridiculous lies spread around because of your childish jealousy. Get a life instead of trying to wreck other peoples. (2 years ago)
Jonathan - Those of us that know Caitlyn know that she is a very nice caring person. We also know how they actually met each other. "Susan" you done nothing but slander 2 caring people. Shaun included. We care about both of them. (2 years ago)
joyce - shaun ur unreal wether ur n r ou of luv , ur lyrics n music wil live on 4ever :) (3 years ago)

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