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Mylene FarmerMylène Farmer
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Mme Hainsworth - Mylene was my daughters best friend when we lived in Les Etangs, Ville d'Avray. (1 year ago)
Eleary - Real name Mylene Farmer - Mylène Gauter! She took the name of a favorite actress Frances Farmer! (3 years ago)
Eleary - Mylene Farmer songs are liberated! She sings about love in all its forms! (3 years ago)
09102009 - eye em hir (5 years ago)
02091992 - I love everything about her je t`aime mylène (5 years ago)
mihaela dana - i am fan MYLENE FARMER!!!!!!!!I LIKE HER SONGS VERY MUCH AND I LIKE THE ARTIST MYLENE. (5 years ago)
catherinephoenix - Is enyone here?? (6 years ago)

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