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Georgia Faye Jones (née Horsley) (born 6 December 1986 in North Yorkshire, England) won the Miss England 2007 title and the opportunity to represent England in the Miss World 2007 pageant which was held in Sanya, China on 1 December that year. Wikipedia

Age: 27
Born: 6th December, 1987, North Yorkshire
Height: 5' 9" (175 cm)
Nationality: English
Claim to Fame: Miss England 2007

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Danny Jones

Georgia Horsley is engaged to Danny Jones.

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Georgia HorsleyGeorgia Horsley
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esterrrino - It's a sin she didn't win Miss World 2007 (3 years ago)
Edmund - People who think she's with him for fame: You really think she'd put up with the bullying, abuse and death threats off "fans" if she wanted that? Danny can be with whoever he wants to, and if fans don't like that...well, frankly, tough luck. (3 years ago)
Stargirl - She isnt pretty at all, I showed her picture to several of my guy friends and said she looks like a pig, and my grandmother is still confused as to how she won miss england or how she is dating danny. (3 years ago)
Stargirl - Ok I'd like to point out that not every girl with blonde hair and blue eyes is stuck up, most of the ones that are, are fake blondes anyway, and she isn't a natural blonde. I don't like her much either. I think Danny needs a real girl, one that actually apprieciates him and isn't in the spotlight. If Danny wasn't in mcfly, or famous, she probably wouldn't of given him the time of day. Come on danny, date someone who is real and deserves a great guy like you. (4 years ago)
m - ive checked pics of her and i think that she looks alike olivia shaw... maybe its me :) (4 years ago)
Shannon - She seems to be very into herself!! sorry!!! Yr hot though danny , lol :) xx (4 years ago)
Emma - I dont really like her either because i do believe she probably is so up herself and believes shes better than everyone else but if danny likes her then its all that matters, if we`re right and she is like this he will figure it out on his own i just kind of hope its soon. (4 years ago)
bananasplit - Was sat behind them last night at Green Day. Constantly took pictures of herself and her mate. Laughing their heads off at nothing :) (4 years ago)
stacey green - georgia i think ur a lovely girl and i think u deserve someone better than danny,because i saw him in spain snogging another pretty blonde haired girl about an hour after the gig,soz geo xx (4 years ago)
olivia shaw - georgia i will never forgive u for breaking my heart,u took away the most important thing in my life,my boyfriend danny.i love u dan xx (4 years ago)

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