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Guitarist, singer, producer, songwriter

John Anthony Frusciante (fruːˈʃɑːntɛ; born March 5, 1970) is an American guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer. He is best known as the former guitarist of the rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers, with whom he recorded five studio albums, and of whom he was a member from...Wikipedia

Age: 44
Born: 5th March, 1970, Queens, NY
Height: 5' 10" (178 cm)
Nationality: American
Claim to Fame: Guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and acclaimed singer-songwriter

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Curtains (2005)

Curtains is the ninth solo album by John Frusciante, released on February 1, 2005 on Record Collection. The album is primarily an acoustic album, in contrast to his previous collaboration with Josh Klinghoffer, A Sphere in the Heart of Silence, which was mostly electronic. According to Frusciante, the album was recorded in his living room: "It was just me sitting on a pillow, on my living room floor, with my back leaning against the couch."

From the Sounds Inside
Inside Of Emptiness
Niandra Lades and Usually Just a T-Shirt
PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone

Was discovered by Bob Forrest and ended up in Red Hot Chili Peppers. Interestingly enough, Bob Forrest also discovered Josh Klinghoffer, who replaced Frusciante in the band.


He will be releasing six new albums on "The Record Collection" label before the end of the year. The first of the six will be called "Will to Death".

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outofourminds - "Could someone explain me why I can read so many negativ posts about Nicole? I'm french and she's not famous in Europe. the way, at the beginning of their relationship, many people said that it's not going to last, but now they're married! Don't you think that John knows what's good for him?" (Floru's comment) ^ I completely agree with you! I mean I'm surprised too and don't know what to think of her, but why do we have to be so judgmental? maybe we just don't understand who he loves so it seems weird to us. I'm listening to some Weave! right now and it's pretty interesting. Doesn't move me, but heck, I'm down to smoke a bowl and put it on the stereo. (1 year ago)
Truth - Nicole's not terrible but she's an amature musician compared to genius Emily Kokal. (2 years ago)
anna - My wish for him is to be happy. I don't understand why ppl say "she's out of his league", that's what ppl usually say when a man dates a woman much better looking than him, etc...Not so here. But I like him better because he doesn't go for only looks obviously, or 21 year old models like his former bandmate, you know who. Unfortunately, however, I do agree about her music, it's more like a movie soundtrack than music that stands on it's own and I feel it's kind of a waste of his talent. I'm hoping he's doing something other than Swahili Blonde. I suspect like others she's interested in his fame (along with her other "guest artists"w/big names)..its a vibe and I get them too..and it's not because I have delusions of wanting him for myself, ha ha. No, I am grateful to him because his solo music has helped me understand parts of myself that used to frighten me and I am a better artist (painter) for it. (2 years ago)
sally - its possible she used him for her music project and just married him b/c hes famous in terms of music and shes not, he deserves some1 who wants him for him, not for his musical fame, next time no musician johnny boy (3 years ago)
anne - hey john if she breaks your heart you can come to me not what you think only friendship i feel sorry for u why did you marry just some1, cuz of your age? did ya think it was time? (3 years ago)
janice - i will wait for them to divorce, if it doesn't happen before 48 i don't want him anymore (3 years ago)
robyn - i have an idea. what if they made sth like a "wedding party" but without registering it with the authorities, then they wouldn't be officially married, although they made a party. is it sure that it's official? all we have is rumours. (3 years ago)
peter\'s wife - are all his gfs musicians with unknown projects? (3 years ago)
josephine - even if. if he married all of his girlfriends he would be many times divorced by now. it doesn't really mean anything nowadays. i just wonder how she made him do that. maybe he was afraid to say no. (3 years ago)
Marie - Are he and nicole married or what? is it certain? (3 years ago)

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