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LeaLeaLea - Can someone please tell me, who is this girl?? (9 months ago)
Hawa - I love together ian and nina. But i like to take ian and nina muslim religion. (3 years ago)
forhorsmen - I think it`s great he`d be with someone that`s not in the biz. It makes me respect him more. All the power to this woman for snagging a man like him. (4 years ago)
Mila - I just heard Ian said at the australian convention, something about she being his EX!!! apereantly they are not together anymore! (4 years ago)
jewel - i think all you people are jealous. they are HAPPY and she is beautiful. none of you know her. there is a reason why he is with her. think about that (4 years ago)
sirine - oshe like an old woman of 60or70 nina is better and u look a perfect couple together! (4 years ago)
relove - is she an ordinary girl? wow ian somerhalder is so kind (4 years ago)
twii - Nina is better looking. but it`s also the inside that counts<3 (4 years ago)
Sara - Eewwww (4 years ago)
Monja - Ian, you could do it better. I think you really should take a trip to Poland, there`s a lot of beautiful and also smart girls! (4 years ago)

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