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sports announcer, broadcast journalist, political commentator

Keith Theodore Olbermann (ˈoʊlbərmən; born January 27, 1959) is an American sports and political commentator and writer. As of 2013 he hosts a late-night show on ESPN2 and TSN2 called Olbermann, as well as being the studio host of TBS's Major League Baseball postseason...Wikipedia

Age: 56
Born: 27th January, 1959, New York City, New York
Height: 6' 3½" (192 cm)
Nationality: American
Claim to Fame: Countdown with Keith Olbermann, The Dan Patrick Sh

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Keith OlbermannKeith Olbermann
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Betty Caroff - You sure made a gigantic mistake in firing Keith Olberman - I loved Countdown and am no longer watching MSNBC (4 years ago)
alfred boucher - Sure miss him..we got the truth out of him..I am done with MSNBC..can hardley for him to get a new show (4 years ago)
P Booker - What a big mistake for MSNBC to fire Keith Olbermann. He presents straight forward news & reports the corruption of our politicans and government. I am not sure I will remain as a loyal viewer of MSNBC. (4 years ago)
Lynne Fleing Wilburn - I see Keith has a birthday soon. I wish hime every happiness. As for a girl friend-let him pickhhis own. I am sure he isn't easy but I sure worth it.I will mis him on MSNBC and think they may regret this move. I will watch for him to surface somewhere at sometime and always be following him whereever.He was one of the best TV had to offer...ya,he got carried away-don't we all-if we really care aobut things,,,but Iheard him apolize too-not something you'll hear from the Fox crowd. (4 years ago)
patricia andrews - i am disapointed in what msnbc as done to keith olberman, they cannot and will never keep a talented person down. i dont want watch this channel anymore. very sad time. (4 years ago)
ubnwtribe - He`s not dating Katy anymore. They broke up in 2009 (4 years ago)
Skylar Blue - The first book I kept under my bed was Thurber`s Dogs . We actually had a cast-iron lawn dog, that I, like JT, believed to be a dog that slept all day. But my favorite story of JT`s is about a woman who is so afraid of burglars, that she puts all her possessions outside her door at night with a note saying, This is all I have. Please don`t use your chloroform . I was read the Battle between Men and Women when I was eight, and love it when you read Thurber. It`s like John Cleese speaking foreign languages to Jamie Lee Curtis! Ga-rrowl! You rule, old man! (4 years ago)
Georgene Roth - Hi Keith, Your readings of James Thurber are outstanding. Keep up the good work....what a change from all the sad news. I am from Wapakonea, Ohio and family are all graduates of OSU. I have lived in VA for 50 years with husband` Veterinarian work bringing us here. I have published a second book, LIVING BEYOND, as an educational novel. My intent is to informn the public about causes of DEMNENTIA. I am asking you to read just one evening a portion fom my book This would get the attention of the public better than I can at my age 84. Your presentation is attention getting while teaching the public. I can mail you a book. Sincerely, M. Georgene Roth, RN, BSN (4 years ago)
Parience Lum - just to let you that my whole family love you so much that we had to mane our grandson Keith. I`m a full time student and a mother, but will never go to sleep without watching your show. You rock! (4 years ago)
Alexandra - Keith- you are absolutely the best. I love watching you weeknights, and when I don`t get the chance to see you at 8, I follow your tweets. You are so funny! I love your show! Such a pleasure to watch =) (4 years ago)

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