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Amber Hay8,911Photo Credit: Ifoys

Actress, Model

Age: 27
Born: 27th July, 1987, Sunset Beach Oahu, Hawaii
Height: 5' 7" (170 cm)
Nationality: American
Claim to Fame: Cali Barbie for Mattel

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The Client List

The Client List (2012)

Her business is your pleasure.

Riley is a single mother living in a small Texas town and leading a shocking double life.

Hot Tub Time Machine
Deep in the Valley
Hell Ride
Surfer, Dude


Amber HayAmber Hay
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christopher - Gave my boy herpes, claimed she didn`t know she had it. Now after seeing who she`s slept with beforre she should have known. (5 years ago)
Koria - hey. ambers my girl from way back. shes been my mate since we were like 10 years old. shes a down to earth awesome chick, so ne1 bagging on her is just jelous! (6 years ago)
Simonowis - I agree, Banana.... Amber is really a very cool girl, very down-to-earth and real for an L.A. girl! You know what I mean. When I met her I never knew she was a model/actress because she just doesn`t come off that way in real life, even though she`s extremely pretty. It`s good to know that some people haven`t been spoiled by Hollywood. (7 years ago)
amberhayfan1 - Amber Hay is dating a girl...Thats what the word is...anyone know anything? (7 years ago)
C L - This girl has been around the block many times. Just look at her so called dating LOL. And shes a Paris wannabe- not a real actress. (7 years ago)
Banana - I know Amber and she cant help it if all these BOYZ are in love with her and stalk her all day long .
I say more power to her - P.S. She is not your typical "blond" she actually hasnt had to use ANY "casting coaches " to get were she is today and will be in the future ! Cant wait to see what this promising Starlet will do next ! (7 years ago)

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