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Age: 25
Born: 29th April, 1989, Place of Birth
Height: 6' 1" (185 cm)
Nationality: American
Claim to Fame: Being Jamie Lynn Spears`s Baby Daddy

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Has a uncle named Odus Jackson.


Has a daughter named Maddie Briann Aldridge who was born on June 19, 2008.


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Casey AldridgeCasey Aldridge
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austin - you can see that it says jamie and casey are broken up it says 2006-2010 it would say 2006-now if they were still together so no they are not married (4 years ago)
u_nojazz - ew... (6 years ago)
me - you guys are all dumb. jamie lynn and casey don`t give a crap what you have to say. they have better things to do than listen to ppl they don`t even know. and i`m pretty sure they don`t even know about this website!!! (6 years ago)
ylezaron_yahoo_com - so who`s whitney??that girl you been dating???I read in star`ve been cheating on jamie! that`s why she`s been mad at you...if you could`nt be a father properly then you should`nt got jamie lynn pregnant.. (6 years ago)
JKFXhsdfhdsf - Ew! what is up with his haircut? (6 years ago)
just been seen - dudes love risking a whole life of change and responsibility for five seconds of bliss. never understood that. (6 years ago)
hopemegan - Hi, I just like Adam Garcia!! He has talent. <3 And I have it also...PS: I am from Joetown. (6 years ago)
emily1234 - he betterstep up and take care of His baby, i mean who would get someone pregnant and then just leave her when he finds out, thats just wrong, to me that means hes a cowerd and is afraid of responsibility!!!!!!!!!!!! (6 years ago)
funkytown - congratulations on your first baby! (6 years ago)
jody - You know guys, you disgust me Jamie might be 16 and casey might be 19 but it doesnt mean they wont be good parents anything is possible i mean i know girls who have had babies at the age of 14 but it doesn`t mean i critisise them. it is their lif not yours so but out. only god can critisise them and your not god. (6 years ago)

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