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Writer, Producer, Director

Age: 37
Born: 5th April, 1977, Washington, D.C.
Height: 6' 0" (183 cm)
Nationality: American
Claim to Fame: Ghost Adventures

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Zak BagansZak Bagans
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teannalukey - I think Zak bagans is so hot (2 weeks ago)
Britney - Hells yah! Zak is SO the show...I truely appreciate and can relate to all the hospitals they visit..i work in healthcare/hospitals for 18 years (so far) is all so true!! and p.s. Nick is a cutie pie.. (3 years ago)
Marisela**** - Omg i love whatchin ghost adventures and i think Zac is so cute a tough to stand up to the spirits ;) (3 years ago)
kati - holy crap dude i love zak hes so hott i have ghost adventures set to record every time a new one comes on!!! lol (3 years ago)
victoria - zak bagans is hott and i loove him .he's the only reason why i watch ghost adventures (3 years ago)
Tori rios - I think zak is soooooooo hot!!! on ghost adventures!! (3 years ago)
ciara - im one of ur top fans i think ur so cool me and my friends play ghost adventuers everyday expect one time we got a rsponse or a laugh (3 years ago)
Jamison - OMG i love him he is AWESOME i watch Ghost Adventures every Friday Night, and i have the world's biggest crush on u!!! (3 years ago)
WowPEOPLEARESTUPID - You ppl r so stupid! He never reads this!! NEVER! SHUT THE HELL UP!!!! (3 years ago)
Kaley Warfield - Zak Bagans is amazing. I love Ghost Adventures. It is the best show on t.v.!!!!!!!!! (3 years ago)

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