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Natani - OMG its blake i remember when you were little babies well email me back (3 years ago)
Jemma - hey you look so kool. im a twin 2 full house is a great show and how come your not doing any movies or show thanks e-mail me back thanks xx (5 years ago)
cindy - ethey you got so cute ive been watching full house for the longest time!!!!!!! email me back when you get the chance (5 years ago)
Danielle - Wow! You changed a LOT since the show! Email me back? :) (5 years ago)
tate - hey, you got sooo cute;) you should email me back. (5 years ago)
Sam Krause - Hi, Full house is my fav show. You and Dylan are so cute in the show and in real life. You ccan email me if you want to. (5 years ago)
Anastasia-Sarah - Hi! My name is Anastasia and I learned to speak english mostly by looking at Full House! You can e-mail me back on that if you want to. (6 years ago)

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