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    26 July 2013
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    3 March 2013
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  • danielle He looks hot on that picture. On most others he looks very middle eastern and not hot at all tho.. too bad hes short too :/ Wish he was the man on the picture! 3 March 2013
  • dominic The man is so hot can not take my eyes off him in the Visitor. Infact I am writting a screen play he would be perfect in the lead role as Nick. An Italian trader on Wall Street who struggles with his heroic idealisims and searches for truth. 24 January 2009
  • nisha he is beyond goroeous. that man is incredible. i just want to eat him. i have been trying to find out more about him too. 10 November 2008
  • zain I think u r awesome actor 7 November 2008
  • andrea Doesn`t anyone know any more info than just his filmography??? Like, how tall is he? Does he have any pets? etc. He is gorgeous- gorgeous lips. 17 October 2008
  • kim biggs I think you are a great actor!!! 7 October 2008

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Nationality: American

Haaz Sleiman is an American actor originally from Lebanon. Wikipedia

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