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Melissa - Jake grew up with my cousin, Brandon. he is a pretty great actor, and an awesome guy to know. i love that i can say i "know" Jake, haha all thanks to my cousin Brandon!! :) (2 years ago)
Jennie - hey, im going to be auditioning for acting and i just wanted to say your my favorite actor. along with ryan lee. anyway yeah, hi. . . (3 years ago)
christy - I've seen jake's acting, and from what i saw, the kid's pretty good. (3 years ago)
melissa - you are soooooo sweet (4 years ago)
mandygurl - You are SUCH a cutie! loooove the eyes and adore the acting. u r amazinnnn' (4 years ago)
Abby:} - If you ever read this, though your probably too busy, me and loads of other people think your an amazing actor:) your so lucky to have been in The Sorcerers Apprentice!:} I envy you Jake:p (4 years ago)
Sarah - Your sooooo cute. We are the same age! Hope I meet yah some day! (4 years ago)
fuzzybunny123 - Oh my gosh Jake you are so cool,funny,and talented you are so adorable and have a great smile I hope I`ll meet you one day (4 years ago)
Claire - I really like your acting jake! We were born in the same day same year! I have been in a few commercials, and my manager is trying to get me in a movie! i hope ill meet you one day! (4 years ago)
Raven - OMG I love him!!!! *squeal* We were born in the same year too. I love him to death he is my fave actor. (4 years ago)

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