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Singer-songwriter, musician

George Ryan Ross III (born August 30, 1986) is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter most known for his work as the lead guitarist, backup vocalist and main songwriter for the band Panic! at the Disco, before his departure from the band in 2009. Ross and former Panic...Wikipedia

Age: 28
Born: 30th August, 1986, Las Vegas, NV
Height: 5' 10" (178 cm)
Nationality: American
Claim to Fame: Guitarist and Lyricist, formerly for Panic! at the Disco, currently for The Young Veins

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Elizabeth Berg

Ryan Ross is currently dating Elizabeth Berg.

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Before panic! at the disco, he, Brent Wilson, and Spencer Smith and their friend Trevor were in a band called Pet Salamander.


Was the original lead singer of Panic! When Brendon Urie joined the band and they heard him sing they unanimously decided that he would take over on lead vocals and Ryan would sing backup.


Because we had two songs on line (before the album was out), people were already making assumptions about what kind of band we were and what our album was going to sound like. And that`s what a lot of the album is about. It`s directed at all those kids that talk on message boards.


(On being asked which cartoon character he would be) "I`d be Spiderman."

Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live (1975)

And now, from New York, the most dangerous city in America, it's Saturday Night Live. (seventh season)

The classic late night live sketch comedy show.


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jessie - want proof? Ryan's tweet of I need a new nanny is proof. Z is a mother now. you don't need proof. (2 years ago)
lololliars - Uhm, actually, Z isn't pregnant and as far as I'm concerned nor is Sarah. You say Z was pregnant in March of last year? I saw a photo of her in October and she was still her usual size, and if she was pregnant she would've been 7 months prego in October..so...and there was a recent photo of Sarah floating around tumblr and still, she looked nowhere near prego. And why is that none of you can post a photo of this proof? not calling you lairs but just wondering. It's kind of suspicious. And if Sarah was pregnant she or Brendon probably would have announced it like they had when they were engaged! Oh, and wouldn't Z's baby be due by now? And why did she look far from pregnant in October when she should've looked like a house at that point? Just saying. (3 years ago)
WAIT - Are Z and Ryan still dating? Because Keltie put something in her buzznet, but she and him talk on twitter! (3 years ago)
really? - the whole ryan ross and z berg secretly engaged was a huge lie. They made it up. Trust me. it's not true. so calm down. (3 years ago)
what ever - Oh the Like broke up. LMAOOOO (3 years ago)
underestmatedweirdo - OMG i love Ryan he is so cute and his voice sounds like the Beatles (3 years ago)
Jacob Stephens - All of you guys are liars!!! it's as of March 2011 that Z Berg is expecting. It's in the Karrang 2011 edition one. The other one was about Sarah, Brendon's girlfriend who is pregnant also. Z is only 2 months pregnant. It's in the karrang thingo. I couldn't afford to buy it at the time, but i'll get it some other time. (3 years ago)
Steph - ooooooooh that whole kerrang thing is true. I have the proof, but I can't upload it right now on here, only because i gotta head off soon, but later on if i get time i'll post it. I saw it too Emily. It was a mistake, she's had the baby, she was pregnant may 2010. She's had the kid. Ryan will tweet it one day. Trust me. Once the little guy is older. He's so cute. (3 years ago)
Emily Bradly - Oh you said scan. Sorry. I don't know? I saw it in hot topic. I can't find it anymore. (4 years ago)
Emily Bradly - Well look in all shops. It should be there. Z is expecting a child with Ryan. They;re engaged, and will be married middle of this year. (4 years ago)

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