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Former model, Photographer, Author

Patricia Anne "Pattie" Boyd (born 17 March 1944) is a model, photographer and author from the United Kingdom. She was the first wife of both George Harrison and Eric Clapton. In August 2007, she published her autobiography Wonderful Tonight. Her photographs of Harrison and...Wikipedia

Age: 70
Born: 17th March, 1944, Taunton, Somerset, England, UK
Height: 5' 7" (170 cm)
Nationality: British
Claim to Fame: Beatle wife and Model for mary quant

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On living in Eric Clapton`s country house: "I loved living in the country; that was the best time we had. It was the most staggeringly romantic garden. There was a sadness in the house and garden, a kind of melancholy which was very Eric, in a way, and very creative."


On why she became a muse for rock stars: "Maybe it had more to do with them. Perhaps Eric Clapton just wanted what George Harrison had. I don`t know - I just think it`s amazing we`ve come through it and we`re all still alive."


Is a photographer. [2001]


One of the problems in her marriage to George Harrison was their inability to conceive a child, as the other Beatles married and started families. George told their friends that he was infertile, but years later, after the birth of his son Dhani (with second wife Olivia Harrison) in 1978, everyone knew better.


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Pattie BoydPattie Boyd
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bobbyklien - good together but then again what do we know i think i should know (3 years ago)
msr018 - pattie I love you£¡you¡¯re legend girl£¡£¡£¡ (3 years ago)
PaulinaMcCartney - She was so beautiful... George wrote Something to her (3 years ago)
broodmaretoo - How does Patty Boyd cope with the loss of yet another former love: Rod Weston? I read that he died in an auto-accident in 2008. Is this true? (3 years ago)
w blish - Come on people! The past is just that THE PAST. She dumped George way back when for whats his name, and now is trying to cash in on being the EX of not only one but 2 stars, especially George. This is how she seeks and maintains her "fame". Olivia and Dhani were George's real family, and you dont see Olivia here and there, on talk shows and conventions trying to convince the public that she' some sort of forever super celebrity. While it is true that Pattie was unbelievably beautiful, Olivia was and IS Georgee's wife, widow, the mother of his ONLY child. Time to quit riding on your ex husbands' fame and fortune,dear. (3 years ago)
Vicki - She never slept with Mick Jagger nor John Lennon. It was a rumour about Pattie and John, that`s all, it never happend. And with her and Mick. That never hapend... He claimed that he always tried seducing her though. She was never with any other Beatle besides George. I`ve never herd of that, it wasn`t even in the media I believe. She found out that George was with Maureen, and was so upset. Read Chris O`dells book if you don`t believe Pattie. Anyways, she`s a fantastic model and a big part if the 60s! :) (4 years ago)
pam - yes, she is beautiful! That`s why she can have all the guys she wants! (4 years ago)
PhyschedlicDaisy - She is my FAVORITE Beatle girl!! I read her book Wonderful Tonight and it was fantastic! Btw, she never had a relationship with any other Beatle. Read her book. And no, I don`t think that she dated Mick Jagger.Anyways, she is great! ;-) (4 years ago)
Jim - She was absolutely one of the most beautiful women ever!!!! (4 years ago)
robert - why mick jagger, paul mccartney, john lennon and ringo starr are not listed anymore?? (4 years ago)

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