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  • fubu888 2 hours ago
    What do you think that how it is to be me, when HIM gives it this way, only heartagram and link to fb: ht tp://ww m/ In fb cover there's eyes that look my eyes covered with s.h.i.t. brown and blood: ht tps://ww m/theheartagram and then here there's Muse and rumor under it. In last record my name was again 10 times or so and Ville shouts my name at least once in every gig and there's hundreds of youtube videos where my name is.
  • fubu888 5 hours ago
    I can say that you were surprised where you are in and for whose reason, Sandra.
  • fubu888 5 hours ago
    Sandra, you're in official papers because that attacker who I don't even know personally did report about this, but there's not happening anything to you. But you are and HIM and Ville Valo and Seppo Vesterinen and Tiina Vuorinen because one jealous attacker put in that situation this year.
  • VillesMuse 14 hours ago 1 like
    Natural gratitude Fake or true dream or reality it got to a point that it does not really matter anymore your music is my shelter the mere idea the mere sound the mere warmth in your voice comfort my soul in times of doubt and anguish whenever i feel betrayed whenever i feel alone whenever i feel lost will I ever be able to tell you these words one day? I mean, looking at you with an actual and sincere and simple smile? soothing a heart in this unperfect world taking away the shivering making all tears sweeter and kind of understood like an eternal teenager lost in ideals and a tomorrow which is always way ahead i'm so slow sometimes :/
  • idiocy_runs_rampant 16 hours ago 1 like
    Yeah, ole minji does have a bit of an OTT power/superiority complex, doesn't she? XD
  • TwoCents 17 hours ago
    minij616 if you are insulted by what I wrote that is your own d a m n fault! The poetry here is not spam. IF you want to talk about something by all means do so. Just coming here and making your threats, is a waste of time and I seriously doubt your own mental stability.
  • fubu888 1 day ago
    There's like some porridge cattle in their heads what is boiling silently near to kettle's up side and then there comes somebody who turns the gas under the kettle very high flame and porridge flies all around the kitchen.
  • fubu888 1 day ago
    Hell of bunch of jealous play that they are not interested at all and they don't stalk, but their attacking and rage what suddenly comes out reveals that they have thought, stalked and h.a.t.ed silently probably every day. For coming in to final end, Henna really showed up that, that she claimed that she wasn't interested and never watched in fb or anywhere what I did, put her rage exploded out as räks, räks, räks style at last time. I was then without much feelings just goodbye and happy rest of your life, but she wrote " a final message" in fb where she wrote that she doesn't know if I even could read this anymore (i deleted her from friends) but she loaded in huge rage things to me as her final message. It really reveals that she has thought and followed what I do feeling full of jealousy and ha.t.e., because other kind of people go silently away.
  • minji616 1 day ago
    spamming is abuse, read the rules. and don't worry i will report fubu aka nevalainen as well. registering was step one. if this spam does not stop, i will report, and then this site is gone completely. btw, insulting is also abuse.
  • fubu888 1 day ago
    I reminisced very much if I have ever seen her and then I remembered that I saw her once in a train about 2001 and we had some small fight back then. She is very much like Heli from her feelings and behavior towards me, but I really haven't seen her even that much as Heli, what is quite many times in my life. But also that sociopath came once to Tiimari Ympyrätalo as a customer and she couldn't even talk properly, but she muttered with angry face something and looked mostly away.

Singer, songwriter

Age: 38
Born: 22nd November, 1976, Vallila, Helsinki, Finland
Height: 6' 1" (185 cm)
Nationality: Finnish
Claim to Fame: Him

Ville Hermanni Valo (born November 22, 1976) is a Finnish singer, songwriter, artist, and multi instrumentalist. He is the frontman of the Finnish rock band HIM. Valo has a baritone voice type and has maintained a wide vocal range throughout his career. Wikipedia

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