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  • fubu888 1 hour ago
    Koska se, että sisältö sopimuksessa on niin väärin, niin miltä muut jäsenet vaikuttivat sen jälkeen ihmisinä jotka siihen suostuivat. Nykyäänhän Janne juntassa paskaa itse niin pyöritetty että tilanne on melkein sama kuin olisi kirjoittanut sen.
  • fubu888 1 hour ago
    Viimeiset kaksi tuntia olen miettinyt taas että MIKSI HIMin muut jäsenet kirjoittivat sen ihmisoikeusrikostyösopparin 18 vuodeksi itselleen, koska nyt kun muistan, niin muistan sen, että Burton avautui siitä jollekin baarissa syksyllä 2002 tai keväällä 2003. Näen sen tapahtuman "filminä" kun hän yrittää selittää sitä käsittämätöntä monimutkaista asiaa sille toiselle ja Janne oli hermona, koska asiat pilalla, täysin kammottavuudessa. Käsiliikkeet ja se sille toiselle että ymmärrätkö?
  • fubu888 2 hours ago
    Ville, I'm amazed that you won't want to quit this fu.cking Valo eyeballs with random ppl touring. ht tps:// m/tavastia_klubi?z=photo-41605242_346988214/wall-41605242_100667
  • TwoCents 3 hours ago
    Lol fubu, you just won't be deterred, will you?
  • fubu888 3 hours ago
    It is suspicious that Sandra, "torilady" wants to bought Me Naiset it and scan it because of her "ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend". She knows that there's article, because she has asked to do it. ht tps:// m/toriladypage?w=wall-84941611_1271
  • fubu888 8 hours ago
    I wasn't in 2005 and 2006 interested about anything else so much but my own lost physical health because of brain damage after poisoning murder attempt in 2002, but it was anyway clear already in 2006 that Jonna's and Ville's relationship in media was s.h.i.t spreading, but now it's clear that it is Sandra's paid for her mental illness.
  • fubu888 8 hours ago
    It isn't possible to come back alive from the space, that's why it haven't EVER been filmed. The last US space flight programs flight back in 2011, there was only short video clip filmed inside space center in Florida, where "everywhere was dark and little "spaceship" flew short distance near to the earth. When satellite goes broken and pieces of it are approaching earth, there's news where ppl are warned about pieces what burn nearly entirely when they hit the atmosphere. So also spaceships would burn when they would get too near to gravitation of the earth's atmosphere what pulls them towards earth without any normal control.
  • fubu888 8 hours ago
    I don't know what all yellow (p.i.s.s) media ppl think when they write again "big bubble lies" about Ville and Jonna, that are they thinking like mentally handicapped and mentally ill Masa's brainwashed cows that "s.h.i.t to one mentally ill real muse" or are they really believing like mentally ill ppl do, that if you just write or speak aloud lies about things, they change into real. If they are sane enough for understanding that they are spreading lies, isn't it then easier even if they are mentally handicapped's level to understand, that spreading lies is "power politics" also on world's great power countries and world's security level. That it was always calculated propaganda to people after getting satellites to space to watch, spy and manipulate all people in the world that they weren't telling the truth, but "put" people to believe that humans can go to space and come back to the earth alive.
  • fubu888 8 hours ago
    Ville whispers in Sleepwalking past hope that "kirjoitin kirjeen nunnille, Jonna, Kaatja. next album cover, nun, again, not s.e.x with either Kat. ht tp://w ml
  • fubu888 8 hours ago
    It is also VERY CLEAR, that because I wrote earlier on Jonas page, that if Jonna tries again "Ville Valo helped publicity", "I hit her with baseball bat", Sandra, Tiina and Seppo, all mentally ill and mentally handicapped want to do it happen FOR BEING S.H.I.T.T.Y TO ME. But they are too stupid, people know already that news about Jonna and Ville were lies and keeping it in public isn't good for Jonna. I think that she didn't talk anything about Ville, but Ilta-Sanomat writes about it because SANDRA PAID. Mental illness - sickness - "couple engaged" even if they haven't even ever s.e.x together. Like catholic ppl and repeating it over and over again for bullying BOTH, Jonna and Ville.

Singer, songwriter

Age: 38
Born: 22nd November, 1976, Vallila, Helsinki, Finland
Height: 6' 1" (185 cm)
Nationality: Finnish
Claim to Fame: Him

Ville Hermanni Valo (born November 22, 1976) is a Finnish singer, songwriter, artist, and multi instrumentalist. He is the frontman of the Finnish rock band HIM. Valo has a baritone voice type and has maintained a wide vocal range throughout his career. Wikipedia

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