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mosil2 - I hope he will be back on RAW some day! (1 year ago)
istayfresheveryday - I hope you come back soon we miss you John (2 years ago)
melinda williams - my son is your biggest fan ever but we never gone to a show because he is a special child.if you can help i would love that (3 years ago)
IloveTheMiz - So glad your back john!! i missed you!! (3 years ago)
selena - john i hope u gett well soon i miss u so mutch (3 years ago)
selena - lesten mrs morrison john morrison is all of ours and the next time u have to say somthin say it to my face ok john is oursso remember that (3 years ago)
daniella - I love u john (4 years ago)
adriana - YOU R SSSSSOOO SSEEXXYY (4 years ago)
Ashley - John Morrison Your my favourite followed bvy John Cena!!!!!!!! ILOVEYOU!!!!!!!!! You and Cena are the reason I watch wrestling.....And my Daddy (4 years ago)
no_ody - u guys dont know anything about him like me !!!!! he the reason for waching WWE SORRY GUYS I AM JUST WRITNING EVERYTHING IN MY HEART BUT THERE IS SOME THING EMPORTANT he is my only love (4 years ago)

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