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Alba - They just got married january 2, 2012 in a 200 year old curch in Paris! I dont think she is muslim since she got married in a chruch! The wedding photos look gorge! (2 years ago)
Valbona - congrats to the happy couple on their engagement! from that i read his proposal sounds very romantic (3 years ago)
Margelynn the Aussie - she is a cool girl saw her at the shows in Australia with Munky and she seemed polite and sweet (3 years ago)
Bobby - Evis and Munky make a hot couple! (3 years ago)
Piper Davis - He did WHAT?! Damn I`m so jelous :( But they have been together like 5 yrs. She looks like a Snob though but i guess Munky must be really in love with her to get her name tattooed. WOW i still cant beleive it I mean she doesnt even look that friendly in picture, but where can i see his new tattoo? (4 years ago)
Farrah - Munky has Evis`s name tattooed in his left wrist. Im pretty sure they are still together, since i just saw their photos on her facebook page. You guys should check it out you can also see the tattoo he just got. I do love the new Korn record though! (4 years ago)
Kelly - Did she and James break up yet? (4 years ago)
may - A duh I know She`s Munky`s girlfriend-. I have good friends that have met her at shows and said she`s rude and snotty. Geez some of u people think you know `all about Korn` when u were probably in diapers when I bought their first album duh. (4 years ago)
Cynthia - I guess all the Rockstars love skinny girls. Every rocker out there is with a skinny model or skinny actress. Munky loves skinny girls i guess! But this chick is albanian right?! Well most eastern european girls are models and all of them very thin but REALLY? when did they get married? (4 years ago)
Adidas - Her and MUNKY are engaged to be married as i read on Kornspace. Rock on Munky! (4 years ago)

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