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Sarah Louise Palin (ˈpeɪlɨn; née Heath; born February 11, 1964) is an American politician, commentator, and author who served as the ninth Governor of Alaska, from 2006 to her resignation in 2009. As the Republican Party nominee for Vice President in the 2008 Presidential...Wikipedia

Age: 51
Born: 11th February, 1964, Sandpoint, Idaho, USA
Height: 5' 4¾" (164 cm)
Nationality: American
Claim to Fame: McCains runningmate in `08 U.S. elections

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rn_tracy1_rn - everyone made such a big deal about her. don't know why. (1 year ago)
bobbyklien - what a interesting person good together but then again what do we know (3 years ago)
JasonF - im sorry to say that she is not fit to be a president. i will sell my left nut if she becomes president ever. (3 years ago)
jazzy1089 - Hi my name is jasmyne I was wondering why in family guy u trash talked it when the girl that is otistic like your son said u were the mom why did u not find that funny and got upset??? Plz write back (4 years ago)
meby2k - Sarah Palin may surprise you all with how much she`s learned in the last couple of years. She is able to speak very fluidly now with pundits on both sides of the aisle. I would never vote for her only because of the MILF factor involved. I would vote for her so that we can HOPE somebody will defeat Obammy. Yes, we can. HAHA How did that work out for you all? HAHAHAHA Anybody feeling represented yet? (4 years ago)
kaysie - If this idiot runs in 2012 i`m moving outta the country. I don`t want to get blown up. shes an idiot and says the same stupid crap over and over. Shes only a pretty face and if she becomes our president. India will look better than us. Shes an idiot and she has no idea what she`s talking about. If you elect her your electing her because your an idiot. (4 years ago)
me - I love sarah palin i do HOPE that she does run in 2012 she will have my vote 4 SURE!!! she speaks her mind and tells u how it is and thats what i like about her shes not shy to tell u what she thinks and we need a person like that in office! (4 years ago)
mjnyc - Politics aside, have you ever seen a more scrumptious grandma? (5 years ago)
ellison1957 - Sarah, 2012, I`ll be there will you????????????????????? I sure hope so. Love you (5 years ago)
rachel - my friend`s dad dated sarah palin in high school, i don`t remember his first name, but his last name is Harm. (5 years ago)

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