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sisi1554 - i luv him! ;D (4 years ago)
Abby - I don`t know that much about him, but from what I`ve heard, he seems pretty awesome:} (4 years ago)
katie - he`s canadian!! jeez. (4 years ago)
katie - his new gf is elizebeth (4 years ago)
Sandrine - At this point, hes not dating any one cause with the new apartment, he really busy. (4 years ago)
DevinChaseOfficial - I love him, Alex Evans is amazing! <3 (4 years ago)
katie - im still going out with his twin brother...and of alexs age is all lies they told me that ppl made all things up.. soo i just knew about the truth srry ppl cant tell ya wats the truth (4 years ago)
trisha - alex evans is dating somebody i just know it but uh love u alex (5 years ago)
shannon - uhm Alex Evans is a boy lmao and he`s not British he`s French :p He is into photography and has his own clothing line (heart breaker and Simpolite) anyways. Don`t be confused guys because he`s a BOY . I`m a huge fan of his I think people need to get their facts straight. If you guys want to know more about him go onto his website (5 years ago)
devin - no hes not a girl thay are talking about a diff alex evans (5 years ago)

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