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Model, Actress

Age: 30
Born: 21st November, 1984, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA
Height: 5' 6" (168 cm)
Nationality: American

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Sebastian Bach

Minnie Gupta's current boyfriend is Sebastian Bach.

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In My Pocket

In My Pocket (2011)

A harrowing journey down the dark spiral of drug addiction.

A harrowing journey down the dark spiral of drug addiction. As Stephen Jameson's carefully constructed life slowly falls apart...


“Those who can't do, hate.”


“Men both fear and desire a woman who’s smart and pretty. I like it that way. It only encourages the brave men.”


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Minnie GuptaMinnie Gupta
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hammer - Sebastian wore his wedding ring for his hot hidden wife Kymille lavina Maria on many early Skid Row photos,sometimes he went on stage with their original legal wedding certificate tucked in his pants.View her briefly in GENE LOVES jEZEBEL video BRUISES. (5 months ago)
My Michelle - Sebastiana but Sébastian is NOT hér father.Way too slow Minnie. (1 year ago)
Drink until your reloaded - Get Sébastian to legally divorce his estranged wife lavina,hé doesn't need hér anymore hé's downloaded hér money,she thrice saved him from death and Paris is hér son.April 3/ 4 is mémorable. Go on MInnies try. (1 year ago)
Santa fe - Its a shame Minnie Gupta and Bas will never have their own children,Bas usually steals or borrows. (1 year ago)
S/intern4 - You know the kid was born prématuré in March 88,thése mafiosa gypsy aristocrats leave their kids with anyone,and pick-up thèm latér,they all are telepathic.Lavina likes to sleep in laté,thése early morning baby feeds disrupted hér beauty sleep. (1 year ago)
S/t3 - I am told lavina has several kids,only one maybe with with BasBach,son born1988.hé was given a beautiful name. (1 year ago)
To S/intern - Do lavina have biological children with Sebastian Bach ? (1 year ago)
S/i forwarded - We have been asked by lavina to state that the information regarding Bret is untrue.lavina states she never dated him but asked us to respond on hér behalf after she was informed of something odd written about hér claiming they were romantically involved,.to promote the group Poison lavina focused on Brets trademarks,averting the information that deeply upset hér.lavina who married an Italian,was never legally divorced from Sebastian but has asked this of him.The public do not have to know-how their heroes really live,show business is often covered and lavina asked Sebastian to conceal their marriage for Skid Row.Lavina asks fans cease mentioning Bret as thérè was no romance. (1 year ago)
To S/Intern - Suzie was seeing Zackwild since 87, we know that cos she was with Zakk at his hotel room on Sunset Boulevard,with slash (very drunk), just before GNR debut album was about to come out. Zakk had a copy of the album. (1 year ago)

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