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Height: 5' 4" (163 cm)
Claim to Fame: Jeffrey Hardy`s WIFE

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Jeff Hardy

Beth Hardy is married to Jeff Hardy.

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Beth BrittBeth Hardy
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amber - i am jeff hardy's biggest fan and i hope that i can meet him someday hopefully (3 years ago)
hannah - i used to dislike you but then i thought well you know what if she makes jeff happy then im fine with her and now im a big fan of you beth (4 years ago)
may!!!!! - U know Jeff I love U soooooooo!!!! much I want to meet U n Beth Please come to Thailand........ (4 years ago)
may - U know Jeff l love U soooo! much but! I never meet U becaose I live in Thailand I want to U come Thailand love Jeff forever........... (4 years ago)
Khyla Knapp - is it really true that Beth and Jeff boke up????? (4 years ago)
tracey - i don.t believe it why would he. it dosen.t make sence to break up with her maybe she wanted his bff matt hardy because he more nicer than him maybe he was to much to handle and non caring as well but i know i would deffenetly date that hottie jeff hardy so watch out because i.m personnally coming through get him and back off trish or i will get you back (4 years ago)
kelly - beth you are so beautiful and you jeff hardy the best man in the world i am sorry beth but i really like you familly you mom zac matt and jeff and i love them so much (5 years ago)
Paige Driskill - I`m sure it`s EXTREMELY hard to be with Jeff but she`s very lucky. I would LOVE to meet Jeff and Edge and Taylor Lautner! He`s awesome as Jacob!!!!! (5 years ago)
kelly - you r ssssssooooooooooo lucky to have a man that takes risks even if he`ll get hurt like i said you are a lucky girl (5 years ago)
stephany - beth at first i was jelous of you but i thought every day and i got it jeff is happy with you are sooooo lucky and no matter wat people say you are still asome oh by the way happy thanks giving well if you see this please tell jeff to come back beth you are very pretty no wonder you important one to jeff love you bye (5 years ago)

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