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Age: 29
Born: 1st January, 1986, Simi Valley, California
Height: 5' 11" (180 cm)
Nationality: American

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Heather ChristieHeather Christie
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ripjul - nastenjo, you're right. he probably got them from grandma or grandpa. thanks (9 months ago)
Nastenjo - Ripjul, the gene for blue eyes is a recessive gene. Neither Anthony nor Heather has blue eyes, but that doesn't mean they don't carry the recessive blue eyes gene, and the fact that Vincent Gallo does have blue eyes doesn't automatically make him Everly's father. Derp. =P (1 year ago)
karla fetting - shes pretty but damn anothonys fine whats up i thought you liked red heads guess you havent found the right one yet love ya, karla (4 years ago)
a friend - Heather is such a sweet mama,and lovely babe.C` mon Heather dont give up you are strong and young and awesome beautiful (5 years ago)
ripjul - Everly has Blue eyes just like Vincent Gallo??? Heather`s are Hazel and A.K.`s are Brown. I`m just saying???? (5 years ago)
Person Of Interest - Who dumped who? Did she cheat on him, did he cheat on her? Have you seen her in a bikini? Because she is literally flat chested but who cares. They should have tried to make it work out. (5 years ago)
kamu - Hey! Leigh!!!! Are you telling the true??? I hope you answer my question. I donĀ“t believe you. (5 years ago)
rrrr - simon haas is gay, for real. ive met him (5 years ago)
jessi - this woman is beautiful, really (5 years ago)
ana_145 - eu penso que heather e um pouco esquesita, mas ao mesmo tempo penso k tinha um fundo bom.. e muito diferente e bonita mas nao ficava bem com oo anthony... bjz (5 years ago)

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