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Musician, Composer, Record Producer

William Orbit (born William Mark Wainwright, 15 December 1956) is an English musician, composer and record producer. In the early 1980s he formed synthpop act Torch Song with Laurie Mayer and Grant Gilbert. In 1987 he released the first of his Strange Cargo album series,...Wikipedia

Age: 58
Born: 15th December, 1956, Shoreditch, Hackney, London, England
Height: Height Unknown
Nationality: British
Claim to Fame: His work with Madonna led him to win three Grammys.

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Hello Waveforms

Hello Waveforms (2006)

Hello Waveforms is the ninth album by British electronic musician and record producer, William Orbit. It was released in the UK on February 20, 2006. It is a mostly instrumental ambient record, with only four tracks containing vocals: "Spiral", featuring Kenna and the Sugababes, "They Live In The Sky", sung by Annette and Paulette Morris, and "Bubble Universe", which is based on a song previously recorded with Madonna called "Liquid Love", and has vocals by Laurie Mayer. Mayer also collaborates and co-writes other tracks of the record. All tracks are written by Orbit, either alone or in collaboration with Laurie Mayer and Rico Conning. The second track, "Humming Chorus", is from the opera "Madame Butterfly". In the United States, the album reached number ten on the Billboard Top Electronic Albums chart.

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Pieces In A Modern Style
Pieces in a Modern Style 2

William Orbit (born William Mark Wainwright, 15 December 1956, Shoreditch, Hackney) is an English musician, composer and record producer, perhaps best known to most for his work on Madonna`s album Ray of Light, which received four Grammy Awards, sold 4 million copies in the U.S.[1], and sold 16 million copies worldwide. He has also co-produced several unreleased Madonna songs originally recorded for other albums that were never used. In addition, he produced 13 by Blur, and remixed some of the songs on the album. He has three Grammy Awards.




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