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    6 April 2013
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    6 April 2013
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  • eleanor482 Just love his voice!!His Italian songs are so beautiful!I also love his version of Angels,as much i love Robbie Williams 'i have to say'Patrizio has put his own stamp on this and it is just 'Beautiful'(sorry Robbie) 6 April 2013
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    21 March 2013
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    30 October 2011
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    11 September 2011
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  • Marie Guarino Patrizio is a wonderful man and a fabulous entertainer, if you have a chance to see him live do so! Take it from a fan who has seen him on many, many occasions you will not be disappointed. Just an FYI: This man never takes a bad picture! 11 September 2011
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    7 September 2011
  • Stella Capaldi {nonia} Please sing lots of our Italain songs --they are so beautiful --when my hero sings them --this nonnie loves Patrizio---at 87 I will die with his voice in my heart I wish he was my grandson- -God bless you and your beautiful mother--- 3 August 2010


Age: 36
Born: 20th September, 1978, Naples, Italy
Height: Height Unknown
Nationality: Italian

Patrizio Franco Buanne (born 20 September 1978 in Vienna, Austria) is an Italian-Austrian baritone singer, songwriter, and producer. He was from 2005 till 2008 with Universal Music UK worldwide, from 2008 till 2011 signed to Warner Musicwordwide and Concord Records USA. Since...Wikipedia