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Maxime. - Gustav is really sweet and he has a girlfriend. x (5 years ago)
Amber - Ha. I love crazy fans, they always crack me up. First of all, I know most of you admire Gustav but i`m sure that he can make his own decisions. You don`t own him, he is not some pet to buy at a damn pet store. Gustav is an amazing person inside and out. ~Keep going strong Gustav! (5 years ago)
DudinhaBastos - wow, you people out there are so trying to convince your selves.. CupcakeKaulitz, Tom cant date you or he would be a rapist. Say that you like Gustav, But dont say you love him, If you have never meet him. But some people are right, He does seem nice :) (5 years ago)
Prettygurl14711 - I LOVE HIM (5 years ago)
joanna - everybody`s saying the same thing! but i gotta admit, he is kinda cute, but more than that he`s sweet. and even if i don`t know him in person, you can tell he`s patient and kind and takes in a lot of stress if he has to. (5 years ago)
karumenu - i love gustav schafer for ever if i don`t marry him then i wont marry nobody! Gustav, we`ll meet someday...promise! :) (5 years ago)
billismine01 - NUMBER ONE GUSTAV DOES NOT BELONG TO ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but if he did belong to anyone he would belong to kayla my bffffff!!!!!!!!!!! k bye.luv yas!!! (5 years ago)
cupcake_kaulitz - Gustav you are so hot i want you and i can have you. nobody can take hym away from me.......but...there is a but...but tom kaulitz is my boyfrend i love hym. he is mine nobody i mean nobody can have hym the way i can ecept his mom his brother and tokio hotel and the rest of his fam.. peace......if got a prob email me ya knoe (5 years ago)
gusti-sweet-angel - gusti is my whole life!!!he`s everything!!!i don`t care if don`t have him, the only thing i want is him always being happy!!!gustav i love you...till death!!!!!!!!!!! (5 years ago)
Jasmine - Oh my gosh I love Gustav he is so cute (and just to let my friends know he is not pudgy hes cute!!!) (6 years ago)

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