Dorothea Hurley569Photo Credit: eviltwins

Karate instructor

Age: 52
Born: 20th August, 1962, New Jersey
Height: 5' 1" (155 cm)
Nationality: American

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Jon Bon Jovi

Dorothea Hurley is married to Jon Bon Jovi.

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Dorothea HurleyDorothea Hurley
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Ace - Dorothea's birthday is September 29, 1962 NOT August 20!!!! (10 months ago)
hillarie - Berry, Rio right! Ass, nose - very disgusting! (2 years ago)
Berry - People, look at the last photo! Her ffffff nose! Guys on Jon's page were right! Vgly! (2 years ago)
Rio - I never saw a*ss like Hurley's. Very disgusting! (2 years ago)
Stranger - hurley, you are so dirty and disgusting! Leave Jon at all! He doesn't love you! He has young wonderful girl. He loves only her! He need you just for public! Go away, u gliest woman in the world! (2 years ago)
KellySnow - Stupid "drikah14" - "he'sreally love her". LOL! Learn English language, sheep! He really loves her... LOL! And has another beatiful young girl!
Stupid "sarahying" - "she is still so beautiful". LOL! LOL! LOL! Are you blind? she always was very disgusting! "they are lovely couple". LOL! LOL! LOL! They aren't a couple any more! Jon has wonderful girl! (2 years ago)
Sarahying - She is still so beautiful, they are a lovely couple (2 years ago)
Drikah14 - He'sreally love her, it's beautiful
this (2 years ago)
îëÿ - ÿ ëþáëþ âàñ è ãðóïïó bon jovi (3 years ago)
Lizzy - ................and not a bad word said about her. Thumbs up to her!!! and she does not seem fame hungry either. oooooo (3 years ago)

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