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Erica Durance (dəˈræns; born June 21, 1978) is a Canadian actress. She is perhaps best known for her role as Lois Lane in the WB/CW series Smallville. In 2012, Durance began starring in the lead role in the medical drama television series Saving Hope. She is also a producer...Wikipedia

Age: 36
Born: 21st June, 1978, Three Hills, Alberta, Canada
Height: 5' 8" (173 cm)
Nationality: Canadian
Claim to Fame: Lois Lane on Smallville

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David Palffy

Erica Durance is married to David Palffy.

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Laughs off the rumors of cosmetic surgeries and that she is all natural. Says it all comes from all the hard work she does in the gym like running on the treadmill and doing bench press exercises which contributed to her bust increase.


Big fan of the Christopher Reeve "Superman" films.


I`m learning to embrace who I am and what I look like.


If you think too much about playing an icon, it will immobilize you. You have to treat it like a fresh character. Sure, there are guidelines so that you don`t upset people, but you have to find your own way.


Painkillers (2015)

A mercenary group is sent into Afghanistan for a highly secretive mission, only to wake up in a mental asylum with no memory of what happened...

Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie
Saving Hope
Harry's Law
Charlie's Angels


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Erica DuranceErica Durance
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beetlegeuse - She is so stunning... So beautiful - inside and out. (3 years ago)
michelle - I agree best on screen couple ever, but seriously people, get... a... life. Like they care about what you and I think about their personel lives. I for one and just thankful I got to see them light up the screen and bring these two iconic characters to life in a way that did not dissapoint. I'm goona miss the show, miss the chemistry, and miss the fairytale of it all. really guys, is a movie too much to ask??? (3 years ago)
city - i wanna see one day u marry tom well..u both great for film' industry,y not in real life too.i saw in video and picture your hubby and u then u and much different..i mean with tom u both look like admire each other..meanwhile i hear some rumour that tom not with his wife anymore... (3 years ago)
elizabeth - oh yeah I agree with all the rest u r THE LOIS LANEwhenever I hear the name again, I will think of u,Cheers (3 years ago)
elizabeth - u r truly a talented actress, I lost interest in smallville a while back but a friend of mine told me to watch cause"lois lane" is on,and I have truly,truly enjoyed your work. u and tom welling work so great together, u guys make it seems like u really r just 2 people findung their way through a relationship and i have enjoyed watching since. I've seen season 10 episodes online and I've seen :homecoming" like about 50 times already lol just the last 5 minutes I absolutely LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really hope there is a season 11, if not thank u for making me love Smallville again, and ALL THE BEST in your future endeavors (3 years ago)
Fransiska - i think tom and you should be together too like some comments before. i love you become Lois Lane. you`re the best that i`ve ever seen. Gbu (4 years ago)
knfkndf - you and tom welling should be together u make the best couple (4 years ago)
byarugaba in uganda - lois lane(durance)has a bossy swagger in smallville and it knocked me out as lil wayne says.keep up the great work into season 10 can`t wait for ya in september (4 years ago)
Franky - She is very special. I would love to be her close friend. I am crazy about lois lane. I love everything about her. (4 years ago)
lagi - i dink she is better off with tom welling (4 years ago)

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